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Constitutional Thinking: Preparing for 2012

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Many Americans are looking forward to the 2012 Elections as an opportunity to finish the job started in 2010 and especially to replace President Barrack Obama. 

While those goals are worthy ones, I believe caution is in order.

Unfortunately, what constitutionally minded Americans wish to do, is not going to be as easy as you might expect. 

Dr. Walter Williams, a conservative economist who happens to be black, recently published a scary article entitled “No Matter What.”

His contention is that President Obama can not be defeated in 2012, and lists 10 reasons which I will summarize his points:

1, Blacks will vote for Obama no matter what.

2. College educated women swoon at his oratory. 

3. For Liberals, he is their great hope. 

4.  Democrats will look for his coat tails to help nationwide. 

5. Hispanics see in him their path to citizenship.

6. Unions know their key to money and power. 

7. Big business is for him again and he will have more money than in 2010. 

8. The media loves him so they’re not racist. 

9. He wins minority groups; Jews, Muslims, American Indians and of course fringe groups like homosexuals, etc. 

10. Half the independents will vote for him.

If Americans do not take action starting now, Dr. Williams may well be right. 

Being aware of the dangers we face, should make us work harder, become better educated on world political and economic events, not succumb to overconfidence, and choose better candidates. 

One event Americans need to know about is the annual Bilderberg meeting, held this past weekend in St. Moritz, Switzerland. 

This elite, private group has been largely hidden from the American people and if the name comes up, we are told it is mostly a social group.

Founded by a former SS Officer, in reality, the group approves world leaders as candidates for office, decides when/where we go to war, gas price targets, and other minor details like that.

As an example, the President of the European Council., Herman von Rompuy, was selected for that position just days after attending a Bilderberg dinner. 

Before the meeting, he was basically an unknown. 

One prominent Bilderberg member, Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer, just announced after the meeting his candidacy to be head of the IMF. 

Fischer, a dual U.S./Israeli citizen, was formerly Vice-Chairman of Citigroup. What a small circle these crooks live in. We’ll see it the magic works this time. 

You are probably wondering if I will even find a candidate to say something good about. 

Looking over the list of all announced and potential presidential candidates, there are only two that should even be on the list. 

The others, George Washington would have hung for treason. 

Next week I will cover them. Obama can be beaten.

Any candidate that belongs to or has attended a Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relation (CFR), or Trilateral Group meeting, needs to be automatically off your consideration list for any office.  

In addition, any candidate that talks up their plans: Agenda 21, Climate Change, public/private partnerships, or any activity not authorized by the Constitution, should be off your list. 

While the presidency is important, it is even more important for us to clean out liberals and statists posing as conservatives from the Republican Party. 

Our solutions will begin at the local level and at the state level. 

We must have constitutional sheriffs, mayors, county commissioners and of course, state representatives and state senators. 

We must be able to stop outrageous impositions like TSA (Total Sexual Assault) in our airports, or it will be on the trains, buses, shopping malls and at highway checkpoints. 

Freedom can receive a big boost from Texas. 

We need to stop foreign owned toll-roads. 

We must allow freedom to prosper on our farms, ranches, and towns. 

We do not need laws telling us everything we can/cannot or must do. Fire the idiots imposing this. 

When we take Texas back, with good people in local and state offices, it will lead to constitutionally minded representatives being sent to Washington, D.C. 

Forget November 2012 for right now. 

Concentrate on preparing for the March Primaries. 

Let’s put up constitutionally-minded people for the school house, the court house, the state house and every open elected position. 

To do this, we all need to get busy. 

Turn off the TV. 

Get educated and informed on what is going on. 

Get angry. 

Get motivated. 

Get busy. Do something! 

Will you sit idle while our country dies?

I met Tim Cox, head of GOOOH (Get Out of Our House) Saturday. 

While I am not sure I agree with all his methods, I agree with his objective. 

He said 2012 is likely our last chance. 

We must put most all those in the House (and everywhere else) in the out-house! 

Rotation in office is good.

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