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Constitutional Thinking: Waking up to reality

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Folks,  it’s time for all to wake up and face reality. 

The consequences of failing to do so are so severe that I hope we can avoid them. For too long, we have been making decisions based upon what we think or are told, without doing the research and knowing for sure. 

I don’t blame most of us individually. I do blame the conspirators at the top. We have been turned into “non-thinking robotic sheeple” by our public fool system. 

While we have always had men and women with too much ambition and too little ethics, since 1913 have been going downhill at increasing speed. 

Your children and grandchildren are in for real trouble.

Since we are not using legal money today (gold and silver),  according to Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 of the Constitution, we are probably, in reality, living in territories using territorial script instead of states. Around the time we went off real money thanks to FDR, we also got “federalized state police” across the country.

We are not currently operating under the Constitution, even though it is still in place. We are operating as a corporate United States of America. 

Our Senators are not state senators, but federal with the un-ratified 17th amendment. 

We are fighting a “War on Drugs.” It must be stopped or it will take all our freedoms. Do you know what George Washington’s biggest crop was? 

Try cannibas. Drugs are illegal today only because we Christians were fooled by Big Pharma so they can make a gigantic profit with their far more dangerous “legal poison with warning labels”. 

Police departments often get 80 percent of the money back if they work with the Feds, so the temptation for them is too great. 

Many of them are no longer here to serve and protect. The drug laws presume we are animals rather than human beings. 

Of course, that is what the bogus theory of evolution would have us believe. Typical drug law wording reads, “..men or other animals”. Our rights in the Declaration of Independence only apply to men.  

If we are animals, they can treat us like a chicken at the Tyson plant, and that is what they are doing. They are actually committing genocide on us, and have been since the Food and Drug Act in 1906. 

De-humanization is the third state of eight stages of genocide listed by genecidewatch.org. 

Remember, Margaret Mead, geneticist and founder of Planned Parenthood, who gave awards to Hitler and got them from him, had a lot of eugenic friends around the world. 

One method they use is fluoridation of our water. 

You have been misinformed. 

We pay to have hazardous industrial waste dumped into our water that the companies would otherwise have to pay to get rid of. It is a cumulative poison more toxic than lead and almost as bad as arsenic. 

Andrew Young, whose father was a dentist, is trying to get the practice ended in Georgia, as is one of Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughters. Black and Hispanic children are much more susceptible to fluoride damage..

Where is Jessie Jackson or the NAACP with this black genocide going on? Oh, I forgot, Dow Chemical helped fund the NAACP. Jessie is probably partying somewhere with all the moolah from selling out his own people. 

Ennis, Texas, with 4ppm fluoride already the water from natural sources, doubles the amount and then raises water rates. That is absolutely stupid. 

Dental fluorosis (mottled and discolored enamel), which affected 10 percent of U.S. children in the late 1940s when mass fluoridation started, now affects 35-50 percent of the children. 

Other more serious but  hidden problems include a 3x’s increase in bone cancer,  a 5-15 point IQ reduction, and increased infertility among couples in areas with over 3ppm fluoride. 

The HEB supermarket chains ‘Water for Babies’ says, “with fluoride added.” What a loving touch. 

Even if it was good for teeth, why expose every tissue of the body to it? If we drink fluoride to protect our teeth, do we drink sunscreen to protect our skin? And before you apply sunscreen, I suggest you do some research on that topic also. .

Canada (British Columbia and Quebec don’t have fluoridation), along with New Zealand and Ireland will probably end fluoridation soon. Fluoridation is loosing the scientific battle worldwide, since ending it actually decreases tooth decay. 

PLEASE GOOGLE AND WATCH the video: Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary. Tell your Dentist to watch. 

In the Presidential candidate area, the merry-go-round continues. Mitch Daniels has now dropped out, with Cain, Pawlenty, Romney and Gingrich being DOA. 

Those dropping out, can of course, pop back up in the future, along with other sleepers like Governor Rick Perry and Sarah (moving to AZ?) Palin. 

Obama must be laughing. As of now, only one candidate I know of has a chance to beat him. Stand by. 

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