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Simply Speaking: Inept

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Inept is the word that comes to mind when considering the brand of government under which we currently groan; federal, state, or right here in River City. 

Locally, for instance, upon seeing  traffic dramatically increase on our Waxahachie area roads, contact with city officials for possible solutions has been fruitless in its bottom-line results.

Several things bother me about this. No, I really didn’t expect much, but you have to ask, even if it’s just for the record. But seeing fellow citizens (taxpayers) and their families sit waiting in their vehicles, twittling their thumbs, wasting gas, creating smog, and getting a serious case of frustration, while lingering through several light changes AT THE SAME INTERSECTION just to get into the Walmart or HEB parking areas is beyond ridiculous. 

Officials are wasting citizen and taxpayer time at their traffic lights, not to mention the irritation this causes on each and every trip into town. Why? 

Because they do not know how to resolve the problem...except to spend a few hundred thousand (or million) tax bucks on new turning lanes, or whatever, that will have little to no effect on the main problem. 

It’s ridiculous and inept. Of course they will claim, “Problem solved.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that officials think, by the simple act of going to the trouble of listening or discussing a particular problem with citizens, the problem is solved. 

Actually, in their mind the problem is solved, for you are out of their hair, so let’s have another cup of coffee. 

In the real world, as few as two people could impact the situation immediately and big-time; a number one person who understands the problem and a number two person who knows how to make the electronic traffic signal adjustments based on the understanding of person number one, Both are or may already be on government payroll so, no hundreds of thousands or millions in tax dollars going down the proverbial drain...again.  

Washington officials have the same inept disease. 

After years and years (all of our lives) of spending more than they have to spend, the Election of November 2010 comes along, it and continuing Tea Party persistence, threatening their number one concern; getting re-elected. 

So, they up and announce a cut of several billions in spending to address the several trillions in indebtedness. Problem solved! So get out of our hair so we can get back on the campaign trail. 

In my opinion, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are just about the only potential 2012 presidential candidates who have anything near a traditional American world view, so, what do we hear from all those scrambling to get re-elected or vie for the presidency themselves “Palin and Bachman don’t have experience.” 

Experience at what? Being inept and spending out the wazoo? 

More ineptness combined with politics as usual... 

Down at Austin, their spending reached such proportions as to prevent paying for our roads AND their bloated salaries too. 

So they came up with the TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) idea, having foreign governments build and pay for it , then set up (foreign) toll booths thereon. 

Not only on the TTC, but on any number of other Texas highways built and paid for with Texas tax dollars. 

Some say tolls may start as high as 75 cents per mile on some stretches. 

Wonder what they’ll do when they can’t make the salary payroll? 

Ineptness: Merriam-Webster: 1. lacking in fitness or aptitude; unfit 2. lacking sense or reason; foolish 3. not suitable to the time, place or location; inappropriate, often to an absurd degree 4. generally incompetent; bungling.

All of the above governmental entities are interchangable and inept in common. 

May the Great God Yahweh bless us anyway, through Yeshua, Christ Jesus, the One who sits at His Right Hand. 

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