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Simply Speaking: Billy the Kid

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Most of us know and believe, that is if we’re informed and serious of our Christian faith, we understand our role of just passing through this present Age. 

Not that we’re simply to be bystanders, but we should know we get lied-to a lot and must do considerable filtering in order to know the truth…or get close to it…and know the why of the reason for our being lied to in the first place.

Please excuse the previous Gone With The Wind sentence.

So, for instance, do we really believe Lee Harvey Oswald, all by himself alone, fired all those x-number of shots at President Kennedy, including the Magic Bullet that supposedly passed through the throat area of JFK, then dived down, changed direction more than once, and almost killed Governor Connally as well? 

If so, how are you enjoying the swamp land down in Florida?

Let us change directions and wonder why most of the Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, sternly warned against a national bank, certainly against an international bank consortium, of sorts which, by the way, seems to be just what the (non-federal) Federal Reserve System is composed of (Yes, I see that preposition on the end). 

The money WAS to be the responsibility of Congress through the Treasury Department…

We have been told and believe whoever controls the money controls just about anything else they might desire so, if not, what’s the hold-up on an audit of the FED, which, by the way, has NEVER been done? 

Maybe one of the 2012 presidential candidates will promise an audit of the FED, if elected.

Ron Paul has suggested such, but he previously has had little chance of even making it past the primaries. 

I can visualize Sarah Palin making such a promise, but with all the bad-mouthing of the former Alaska governor, by folks from both political parties and major media, she has a tall hill to climb.

If Obama should make such a pledge, which thing I cannot visualize, could we trust the auditors? 

Could we trust them in any case? Repeat after me, “Whoever controls the money controls even its auditors.”

Since you’ve heard from me previously on the lies we’ve been fed about Lincoln, I’ll not go there today, except to say he, admittedly, had a lot of flowery quotes published. 

The fact undeniably remains, he sent armies invading states that had lawfully seceded from the U.S., with a death count near 1,000,000 (a million) resulting. 

So, pencil-in a million deaths and subtract Lincoln’s flowery quotes and what is the remainder???

I’ll close with some new (to me) information on Billy the Kid. History books pretty-much (around 100 percent of them) state Billy was slewn by (yes, I know slewn isn’t a word in that sense), but the “brave and resourceful” Sheriff Pat Garret killed him on the outskirts of Fort Sumner, New Mexico on July 14th or early 15th, 1881.

      New (to me) information has Garret shooting in the dark first and NOT asking questions later, resulting in the death of a friend of Billy’s, a certain Billy Barlow.

But like JFK’s killer(s), Lincoln’s words vs. Lincoln’s deeds, FED misinformation and control, plus a lot of other lies posing as fact, there’s other good evidence Billy the Kid lived until December of 1950, dying at Hico, Texas (pronounced high-coe, not hick-oh).

If you ever go to Hico, Texas, view the statue of Billy in the downtown section. Maybe there’s a museum in his honor there too. Brushy Bill Roberts is the name he went by in his last years, according to my new information and he claimed to be born in Buffalo Gap, Texas, not New York City.

Fact or just another lie? You may have to discover that for yourself. Most of my information came from a little book entitled “The Trial of Billy the Kid” by Bobby E. Hefner, owner or former owner of the Koffee Kup Kafe in Hico.

Search for real truth, as close to coming from Yahweh God, through Yeshua, Christ the Son, as possible. 

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