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Constitutional Thinking: Facing economic catastrophe

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It is becoming increasingly clear that an economic catastrophe is coming. 

Warning signs keep popping up for those with eyes and ears not glued to the “tele-vision” brain washing machine that tell you what to think. 

Weiss Ratings, historically the most accurate financial ratings company for insurance companies, banks, etc., just announced its new “Sovereign Debt Ratings” to compete with S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch. 

Their initial rating for the United States puts us at a “C” rating, just two notches over the junk rating.

Isn’t it wonderful to be rated lower than Mexico, Bulgaria, and tied with France and Columbia? 

Of course, we are rated lower than China (A), Russia (B), and South Korea (A-).

Precious metals, the indicator of wobbling wheels on our financial wagon, fortunately had a substantial price correction this past week.

Both gold and silver have been in a long term uptrend since 1999 as the dollar lost value.

In addition, crude oil prices are falling, and hopefully will provide motorists some relief at the gas pumps for awhile. 

We can all hope this lull in the effects of inflation, lasts through the summer. 

The crooked banks like JPMorgan Chase and HSBC, will probably use this price drop to get off the short positions they established trying to hold down the price of gold and silver. 

Estimates are that our government will collect $2.2 trillion in taxes this year, but spend at least $3.7 trillion. 

You could say that our leaders have failed us by sinking the dollar, causing inflation, and providing no help to sectors that need it, while rewarding the private banks. 

Taxpayers (only 50 percent of us) always get stuck with the bill. 

At some point, perhaps sooner than we like, our problems will become apparent, even for the dummies overdoing watching TV instead of reading up on American History, the Constitution, and of course on economic history. 

Reading about budgets, deficits, credit ratings, the Fed, and the like may put you to sleep, but history is being made right here. 

The U.S. national debt doubled from $5.7 trillion in mid-2001 to $14.3 trillion in mid-2011. 

Unfunded Social Security, Medicare and Prescription Drug liabilities total $113.6 trillion.

With the Debt Ceiling deadline approaching, we have serious decisions to make, but few leaders wanting to make them, because they know the party is over. 

A QE3, likely called something else, is probably coming to try to postpone the day of reckoning. 

A US default is nothing to be taken lightly. 

There was a Bretton Woods II Conference on April 8-13 funded with $50 million from George Soros. 

Top financial and media leaders were in attendance, but there was little coverage of the event in the media. 

Soros wants to be the new John Maynard Keynes and establish a stable “new world economic order.” 

He wants America to fail and remove his only obstacle.

Soros supports gay rights, atheism, euthanasia, gun control, globalization; he is an international financial raider, and he destroyed the British pound in 1992. 

Soros admits to helping confiscate the homes of fellow Jews in Hungary in 1944. 

Some world leaders call him “Dracula.” 

America needs to pass on his world order. Collapse could change everything we know and love.

All constitutionalists and true conservatives, from sea to shining sea, will have to become much more vocal, much better informed, organized and financed going into the next election.

The job can be done if we love our country enough to save it and our freedoms.      

Presidential Brief 8 – Rick Santorum (R) PA – The former Senator from Pennsylvania is now in the hunt for the Presidential nomination, and appeared in the SC Republican Debate last week. 

This preening Keystone State solon lost his 2006 re-election bid due to stupid decisions. 

He insisted it was the “destiny of this generation” to fight an apocalyptic war against radical Islam. He made it clear he would invade or at least bomb Iran.       

While I have been alerting Americans to the threat of Islam for years, anyone with positions this irrational need not sit in the Oval Office.

Too many political leaders use war to build their political career.

Santorum is know as a social conservative positions such as right-to-life and homosexuality, even though he has employed gay staff members at high levels. 

Of course, switch-hitting is common at top Republican levels. 

On fiscal issues, Santorum angered conservatives by supporting the very liberal Republican Arlen Specter in 2004. 

Specter, of course, has now switched to the Democratic Party to feel more at home with other liberals. 

A good candidate should have a consistent record of making good decisions.  

With Santorum’s record, you can’t trust him. 

Let’s puncture his re-bound bubble early and move on. 

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