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Simply Speaking: Congress, Do Your Job!

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Do you recall the old saying about a bad penny that keeps turning up, even kind of know or have had experience with what it means? Let’s substitute other words for the penny and see what we come up with.

I’ve been driving my ’06 Chevy pickup with a “Stop the TTC” bumper sticker on the back glass since, well since nearly ’05. Of course the TTC refers to the infamous Trans Texas Corridor plan to run an up-to 1,200 foot wide right-of-way smack through Texas (and Ellis  County).

The eventual owner/builder/financer was to be some Spanish-owned entity (Cintra wasn’t it?), who would set up their toll booths and collect the (new Texas road tax) for something like…forever. Most thinking Texans abhorred the idea.

The idea for the TTC must have originated with Internationalist-types from here and abroad, and concurred with by too many of our elected officials down in Austin, who handed the ball off to TXDOT for the brainwashing of enough Texans to carry through with the plan. It didn’t fly. Texans smelled a rat.

But like the bad penny that keeps turning up, government is, by piecemeal, accomplishing the plan anyway, a tolled freeway at a time, through or around various Texas metropolises on a close-enough to the same route and plan as the original TTC. The name has been changed but the plan remains the same. 

Hey, they’ve got to get those piggies (Chicom products) to market from un-crowded, available, and (perhaps) non-union deep-water Mexican ports on the Pacific.

Texas needs new, improved, or kept-up roads; always has, but we’ve previously been able to do it without new taxes. We know the cost of government has gone way up, primarily because the idea of cutting fat in Austin and at Texas counties, schools and cities has eluded elected officials. 

Unchecked government has always followed this pattern since the dawn of time.

Another, perhaps more insidious bad penny, is ACORN. Perhaps it too is now known by another name, but the plan remains the same…or worse. Much of America (strangely) fell in love (hopefully it was puppy love), with the “community organizer”. ACORN, of course, stands for Association of Community Organization for Reform Now. In a word, Obama’s alma mater.

Actually ACORN has “splintered off into rebranded local chapters across the country,” according to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. The sidekick of ACORN over the years has been something called Project Vote. In St. Louis, for example, the workers from these entities were instructed NOT to talk to the FBI. Wonder if they wanted to keep the lid on their routine use of taking names from the telephone book to make fraudulent voter registration cards? Nah!

The Washington Examiner, in a Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010 editorial, wrote, “To remove all possible doubts about Obama’s impartiality on this issue, he should appoint a special prosecutor. And if Obama refuses, the new Congress that convenes in January 2011 should appoint its own prosecutor.” Would not Obama appointing a special prosecutor to check up on ACORN be kinda like a bad penny appointing a fox to guard the henhouse?

Congress, DO YOUR JOB! May the great God Yahweh bless Texas and America through Yeshua, Christ the King. 

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