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Constitutional Thinking: What we think doesn't necessarily make it so

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I have to confess: I did not get up and watch the British Royal Family put on the show live Friday morning. Watching our TV networks leading up to the event, you might have thought you were watching BBC. From the re-run highlights I did see (lowlights in my opinion), it was quite a spectacle. The British do know how to put on a show. They have been doing it for hundreds of years.

Prince William’s wedding was made to appear to be a wonderful event. To someone informed about the parasitic and disgusting hereditary dictators of the empire, it was sickening to see the British people pack the streets and to hear the number of people that watched worldwide. It shows people are still a long way off from a true desire for freedom. We have forgotten King George III. 

This powerful German family (do you wonder why you always hear Prince William, but never hear his German last name?) supports eugenics, global warming, carbon taxes, and one child policies. That name was de-emphasized after WWI and the House of Windsor put out as a front. They were the ones that trained Hitler for all his evil deeds. 

The British King even wanted to merge with Hitler and was forced to abdicate the throne.

Their family history is filled with filth and degeneracy. Queen Victoria ran a death cult, used Ouija boars and séances. Prince Phillip wants to come back as a deadly virus and kill millions of people.  Prince Charles talks to plants, and they answer him. The family history only gets worse.

We are taught that the Royal Family is mainly symbolic in nature, with little power these days. That is not the case. While their power is no longer absolute, it is more like an oligarchy today. The immensely wealthy family has great control or ownership of much of the Commonwealth. All Officers in the British Army are Royalists. Great Britain currently runs as a police state far beyond what we see here. As in the time of ancient Israel, many people still demand a king. 

2. Out government tells us inflation (as measured by the CPI) is under control this deception means all those retired on programs with cost of living increases are seeing no increases. This is completely unfair and disgusting, but not surprising for a government that worked out a deal with Prudential Insurance Company to steal the death benefits of our military killed in action. 

Our government deliberately took energy and food prices out of the computation to keep the index low. The head of the lead Federal Reserve Bank of New York admitted it recently at an event when questioned by people in the audience. 

While we sit on more oil in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska than in the whole Middle East on top of even more oil in the Bakken formation, we let speculators led by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs play with the financial markets. The world is awash with oil and production costs in the Middle East are $1.00/bl in the Bakken Formation, would only be around $8.00/bl.

Where do they get all this money to play with? After 2008, according to information I recently heard from a very reliable source, JP Morgan and Citibank lent out 52x’s its assets, Freddy and Fanny Mae 80x’s and Goldman Sachs lent out 333x’s assets. Obama says there should be no limits to what they can lend.

3. President Obama apparently has released a fake copy of his official birth certificate. Whether or not he was born in Hawaii, we shouldn’t ignore what he personally said while Senator, or what his wife and grandmother said. Hint: they didn’t say Hawaii. The REAL issue however is – What is Obama hiding? 

Americans need to see the still unavailable “real” birth certificate, but also learn the hidden details about his life and his family. Everything about them is either missing, or has been deleted worldwide it seems. We get only fluff information, not what any decent reporter would ask. Americans know next to nothing about his time at Columbia, Harvard, or his travels/passports, or what his parents were doing. Why?

Presidential Brief No. 7 - Donald Trump (R) NY – The Donald has the money, but not the credentials of a conservative Republican, let alone a constitutionalist.  How can he fix the country, when he was funded by daddy and had to be bailed out of business failures several times? His daddy was big enough to bail him out, but who will bail America out? What about the corrupt mafia-filled gambling industry and his private life? We’ve had enough show business. Let’s pass on getting “Trumped!”

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richard 05/07/2011 09:10:26
boy are you funny,i have not laughed so much in weeks.being a brit and not a very big fan of the royal family i just have to wonder though where you got your information from,amazing.its easy to see you really love us brits lol,do you ever wonder why we have this superiority complex when we see and hear such things from you americans. anyway god bless america,and as you say over there "have a nice day".

yours richard

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