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Simply Speaking: Gold

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Let’s say we take some of the experts’ advice, bite the bullet, pull out hard-earned savings and purchase a dab of gold…just in case the current downward spiral continues, accelerates, or the whole economy tanks. Worse, Obama is re-elected and all bets are off as concerns a continuation of living life as we’ve pretty much become accustomed to in our previous (fill in the blank) …….. years of life on Planet Earth.

At more than $1,500 an ounce, which is the amount gold goes for right now, a pet parakeet could easily fly my purchase home from the gold dealer. There could be additional disadvantages.

Understand, I’m considering all of this on a purely practical basis so, at the supermarket, you fill a shopping cart with, by now, highly inflated vittles, just enough to keep you and your family going for a few more days, and proceed to checkout. Since you’ve prepared for the worse, the ounce of gold in your pocket feels good and will pay the grocery amount several times over.

Not that it happens a lot anymore, but for much of my life, when making a purchase and paying with, say, a hundred dollar bill, you inquired whether the transaction would run the store short (I could count on one hand the number of times I had to ask that question).

But here you are in the not-too-far distant future, having prepared as best you could for the eventualities of Obama policy and you hand the clerk a gold coin amounting to in-excess of 1,500 dollars for a bag of groceries…and await change.

It’s possible others have shopped the supermarket all day and, having prepared in like-manner to yourself, paid for their purchases with gold amounts. 

I might mention here, gold does not come in pennies, nickels, dimes, two bits, four bits, six bits, or a dollar. If a dollar gold coin was being minted, it could easily be lost among your pocket lint or mistaken for a mustard seed.

So, if the grocery store is unable to make change for your ounce of gold, do you leave the coin and take your groceries to a hungry, dependent family or put down the groceries and leave with the ounce of gold and a growling stomach?

Practical things.

Another possibility for such times: when forces of the lower element see you approaching a supermarket, shop, or gun and ammunition store, they might be able to deduce you probably intend, in contrast to themselves, to pay for your purchase with gold (since the dollar has long-since been devalued to mere wooden nickel worth). You are in real danger of being mugged for that single shiny gold coin in your pocket.

If you are serious about building a little security fence for yourself and family against the various tyrants and international dealers in money (the big international and otherwise banks), why not get some silver coinage together. 

Silver, I understand, has improved in value as good or better than gold and can be carried about in amounts more subject to be made change for and less subject to be mugged for.

Although a silver dollar may now approach 40 to 50 dollars in value, that’s about one thirty-eighth of toting an ounce of gold coin around with you. The clerk at the Piggly Wiggly will also appreciate you for packing silver…and will allow you to leave with the groceries AND with proper change to boot.

Something to ponder.

By the way, let us determine to throw Obama and his crowd out of office in 2012 and find us a genuine Americana candidate to run for President, who knows to side with Israel and Drill, Baby, Drill!; who knows not to be so closely associated with the Big Bank People, The FED, the UN, the Muslim Brotherhood, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Big Unions, etc., etc., etc.

May Yahweh God, the Great I Am bless through Yeshua, Christ, King of the Universe.

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