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Constitutional Thinking: Big decisions coming soon

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Two Presidential candidates have formed exploratory committees. Activity will pick up greatly in the next few months. Republicans have big decisions to make, and a poor track record in making good ones. Will the Tea Parties allow unconstitutional candidates to steal the limelight in 2012?

The potential Republican candidate list is long, but there is not much quality on the bench. Even Michael Ashner, one of Sen. John McCain’s major fundraisers in 2008, says, “I am sort of hiding under my desk when the calls come in…I don’t see a dynamic candidate out there yet. A number of them have interesting credentials, but they just strike me as a little lackluster.”

Of course, Ashner probably couldn’t recognize dynamic from fraud. After all, he supported the “lost in space” McCain in 2008. As they say about John, “just wind him up, pay him and he’ll say anything,” like proclaiming the Libyan “rebels” provided him one of the most inspiring days of his life. The “rebels” are members of al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood run by our CIA and Britain’s MI5. Think about that a bit. 

Unfortunately, many of the top Republicans on the list are sold out, just like John: think Romney, Gingrich, Palin, Barbour, Cain and others. The briefs on the candidates in this column will give you fair warning.  Only truly constitutional candidates will be able to bring in enough voters from all who love our country, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, to have a chance to win. The same old “socialist-lite” line will not cut it.

Republicans forget the clock is ticking against them. The massive legal and illegal immigration, pushed by Bush, Clinton, and Obama, will over-run all of us if we don’t wake up now. The new arrivals are almost all raised Socialists or Communists. Granted, they can and do change, but that takes time we don’t have and the right education which usually does not reach them.

Their children, along with most of yours in government training camps around the country, are celebrating “Earth Day” in events like the Dallas Festival schoolchildren swarmed to in the Arts District last Friday. It was nothing but pagan propaganda, funded by private agencies headed by corporatists like Trammell S. Crow.  It is all part of the plan to turn us away from Christianity, which is necessary to destroy our Republic. 

Another problem for Republicans in 2012 will be their having to defend their own programs, instead of just attacking Obama’s. This will make decisions harder for many voters, so voters must be even better informed for 2012. Constitutionalists need to start educating now.

Glen Beck did the country a great service by having G. Edward Griffin, the author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” on his show. I have suggested this MUST READ book several times. It needs to be read before any of the more “popular” conservative books out there. After reading it, you will be able to more easily recognize true conservatives and understand better what is really going on in our country. 

This brave move by Beck, whose contradictory statements I have not always agreed with, may have cost him his job, because Griffin really gets to the heart of our problems. Beck even had Pastor John Hagee on the show later in a bailout effort, but it did not work. 

Auditing the Fed must be done so Americans are aware of its lending practices and especially its loans to foreign banks. We can’t control our debt or gas prices without stopping their deceit. 

Presidential Brief No 6 - Tim Pawlenty (R) MN – Timothy James Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota, is one of farthest along candidates for 2012, having announced his exploratory committee on March 21st. He is an attorney, an evangelical Christian, and it would be easy to label him an ambitious politician with his long record.

Pawlenty had ethical and accountability issues while governor in 2003, and was criticized by conservatives over supporting funding for sport stadiums and the Northstar commuter rail line. He ran on a pledge not to raise taxes to balance the budget, for allowing concealed carry, a 24-hour waiting period on abortions, and education reform.

He succeeded in balancing the budget. Unfortunately, he was for HOV lanes, Toll Roads, and for increasing Ethanol usage, which upset many conservative governors. Mexican President Vincente Fox visited in 2004, and announced a consulate in Minnesota for easy access to ID papers, etc. How compassionate!

Neocon Robert Novak called Pawlenty “the most conservative Minnesota governor since the 1920’s,” but of course, in a strongly socialist/liberal state, that means little. Really scary however, was Pawlenty being co-manager of the McCain campaign in 2008. That poor judgment doesn’t ring the liberty bell, so I suggest you keep looking. 

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