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Constitutional Thinking: It’s deja vu all over again

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It is no surprise the Republicans and Democrats were having a hard time finding a sharp enough pencil for the budget negotiations. 

They didn’t find one, and most of them don’t really want to find one. 

At the same time, they have a problem. Re-election is tough when you run out of working people to tax. 

The “free government money” under such circumstances is harder to come by.

Our leadership is not getting the job done in either Washington DC or in Austin. 

One email I received was titled, “Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” with the budget agreement, but you should not be surprised. 

We had the Republican Contract with America Revolution in 1994, then  a Tea Party Revolution in 2010, but the Country Club ”Eunuch” Republican leadership and the communist/socialist Country Club “Bully” Democratic leadership both belong to the same globalist country clubs; The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) Club or the Trilateral Commission Club. 

When leaders with supposedly vastly different political ideas can all belong to the same clubs, you know the fix is in. 

Republicans, if they admit to the problem, can replace the infected leadership in 2012 and prevent its re-appearance. 

Until then, good solutions will be hard to come by, because the leadership will not allow talk about real solutions. 

Real solutions would include cutting out foreign aid and bringing our troops home from around the world, as well as ending unconstitutional federal government activities at home.

According to an article in the news magazine, The New American, CFR insiders were pushing Mohamed ElBaradei, the former International Atomic Energy Agency head and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, as a possible leader a year before the Egyptian revolution. 

Their Mid-East expert, Steven Cook, was even in Cairo when Mubarak was deposed. 

When we have powerful groups like the CFR plotting against countries around the world, no country is safe, even ours. 

You might want to read about their plans for us. They even print them in their magazine, Foreign Affairs. They figure the sheep won’t bother to read their plans.

Now, our president, following these globalist group mandates, slapped us in the face again by saying we are in Libya to “build confidence in the United Nations.”  

In addition, Army General Castor Ham admitted last week to the Senate Armed Services Committee, that we may consider sending troops into Libya even though it would make getting Arab support more difficult. 

If this happens, it will be another serious problem for America, but a good step in the eyes of the CFR. 

I could not find “building confidence in the UN”, anywhere in the Constitution, nor could I find the authorization to place Americans on assassination lists. 

Nixon had is “enemies list,” which was a very bad idea, but Obama is so far over the line with everything he is doing, it appears he has “crossed the Rubicon.” 

What will the American people do about it?

The Ellis County Tea Party did vote to ask Republican Party leadership to investigate the possible impeachment of Barrack Obama. 

While we all have to on guard against allowing the thought of impeachment to be a distraction from the very serious problems facing the country, as we did in the case of President Clinton, impeachment is not without merit. 

We need to keep all the options on the table.

It appears our representatives in Austin have the “full-court-press” activated to see what they can sneak by us. 

Most of us don’t realize how long and nasty their list is or how deceptive they can be in getting it done. 

We can’t allow tactics such as announcement of committee meetings after they have already taken place. 

They want to prevent us from knowing what is going on and what is in the bills.

Last Thursday for instance, HB2432 was heard proposing selling off virtually every kind of public infrastructure to private corporations and then charge us, the taxpayers. 

Go to the library, pay a toll. Go to the hospital, pay a toll. This is corporate welfare.

Another bill this week, HB3218, proposes allowing taxpayer money to be loaned to private entities for toll projects. 

What planet do these people come from?

Unfortunately, they come from our cities, towns and counties where they have practiced the deception before moving to Austin for more advanced training.

We are paying the price for trusting without watching and understanding what our politicians have been doing for many years. 

Too many of our representatives go to Austin to get on the corporate bandwagon instead of representing and serving the citizens of Texas. The representatives who are introducing bills of this type must be noted and removed next election. 

They have forfeited their trust.

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