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Simply Speaking: Areas of concern

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Was invited to a Bible study Monday morning, held in an upstairs room (sound familiar?) to study the "Red Letters" in the portion of The Book known as the Beatitudes. Of course the red letters are referring to the very words, transliterated and translated of course, spoken by Jesus Christ (Yeshua).

Well, we got stuck, of course, on portions dealing with "Blessed are."

Specifically, how could those who mourn, for instance, be blessed and be comforted?

Got to thinking about that and have come up with some possibilities.

The Ellis County Tea Party held its monthly meeting Saturday evening at the La Quinta in Waxahachie and, in addition to having a very informative university professor speak on a specific subject, dove into a number of other areas of concern.

In a manner of speaking, "areas of concern" to 2011 Americans in Tea Parties, along with other Silent Majority people in our state and nation, might very well be referring to people who are mourning about the current state of affairs and wish to do something about them.

Of course, the verse, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" could, and probably does have multiple meanings. The loss of a loved one, for example, naturally brings on mourning, followed by comfort brought about by other loved ones surrounding you with their care, in addition to the Good Lord’s mysterious ways of comforting.

In the case of Tea Party groups and other Americans seeing what is happening round about them, could not their concern and efforts to make correction be a type of mourning about the conditions in our country (and around the world), hoping upon hope to render relief and comfort?

How could this connection be made and how could it possibly be true? Let’s look at it.

I’m convinced all of us live in a "fallen world" and suffer under its burdens, whether we’re aware of it or not. Just that fact alone should be enough to cause a type of mourning.

Upon learning more specifics as to the causes of this fallen condition, and not having yet contributed any effort to its improvement, our mourning could deepen and cause us to seek comfort.

Many learn the hard way permanent improvement is not to be found in the drowning found in a bottle or in the downing of a pill. Often, these logs must first be cast from our eyes in order to help our country or the world cast the speck from its eye.

Only then would we begin to experience some level of comfort.

So, in a nutshell, that is my primary, simplistic explanation for the emergence of the Tea Party Movement: we’re in mourning for our country and we’re seeking comfort.

How about some proofs of America’s eternal quest for comfort from its mourning: did you know the state of Virginia, for example, declared its independence a month before

the Declaration of Independence was ratified in the Continental Congress. The Old Dominion did not need "approval" from other States to assert its rights to resist tyranny and determine its own destiny (from The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers, pg. 35).

Our children and grandchildren should be great comforts to be protected with great care. John Adams, in 1776, said, "Take Care that they don’t go astray. Cultivate their Minds, inspire their little Hearts, raise their Wishes. Fix their Attention upon great and glorious Objects, root out every little Thing, weed out every Meanness, make them great and manly. Teach them to scorn Injustice, Ingratitude, Cowardice, and Falsehood. Let them revere nothing but Religion, Morality, and Liberty."

May the one and only Great Yahweh bless through Christ Jesus, Yeshua, the Comforter.

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