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Jon's VU! When are they a terrorist?

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Well, more people were killed on our border. One of our people got into a shooting battle with bean bag bullits and the other side wiped him out with AK-47’s.

Whose rear guard idea was that? Tell me. Little bird, when do we become terrorized? When does our president call them terrorist?

When do we put some in our nation’s capital who are not afraid to tell it like it is?? How many good Americans must die before we call a "spade" a spade?

In World War I and II we knew who our enemies were and beat them. Even in Korea we knew the foe, and killed them. Now our enemy is in this country and voting to keep a government which has blindfolded itself.

In an effort to be fair, we lean over to help our country’s enemies who have a fair chance to beat us, kill us is a better word.

When we fight in other countries it is not my place to complain, because I am not there and I don’t run the army.

If my favorite NASCAR driver showed up for a race with a blindfold on, he would be laughed out of his car. If he said he was just trying to level the playing field, his team would kick his butt! Sports are not as important as the lives lost on our borders.

One of our people was killed, another wounded in Mexico trying to help with the drug cartels, they were shot to pieces because our president sends them down with no guns. Why?

Why are our people sent to a foreign country, in the middle of a war unarmed? Someone said the president would not OK our border patrol agents to carry guns! Why send them to a foreign country where they don’t know who the enemy is until someone pulls out a machine gun and starts shooting?

Tell me why Americans still go over there, when those people are just looking to sell dope and take jobs Americans need.

I don’t know about you, but I know friends who sweep floors and work two jobs to make enough to feed their family.

I admired President Bush! I saw a t-shirt with his smiling face, the caption said "MISS ME, YET?" it should have read, "DO YOU FEEL SAFE TONIGHT??"

We are being led by a bunch of politicians who are so busy apologizing for the actions of our dead heroes, people who have given the world’s most powerful and richest country to a bunch of silver tongued NINCOMPOOPS! People who are so concerned with being elected, they don’t look at what they are doing to all of us.

They say they are looking out for the middle class. HA, pretty soon there will only be the poor and elderly.

But they are not worried. there are enough Democrats coming over the border and in the graveyard to out vote all of us.

What this administration doesn’t realize is Americans when provoked and mad enough, are meaner than any other people, and have proved it throughout history.

No, I am not terrorized, but this is only JON’S VU!!!

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