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Simply Speaking: Sick of politicians?

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Do you ever just simply get sick and tired of politicians? Has there ever been an instance where a politician (or those working for them) candidly answered a question in a straightforward, truthful manner, knowing and understanding clearly what the taxpayer was asking?

No, they’re all tap-dancers and would be better suited for the theater or Hollywood, preferably as stand-up comedians, where people choose to pay for going into their show and listening to them.

I suspect most would go broke, on that basis, in a New York (or Washington) minute.

Come to think of it, if we would quit critiquing so seriously the weighty matters politicians are involved in, and sit back, looking on their machinations as comedy, our blood pressure would go down and, perhaps, the worst of them, being shamed, would step down and seek honest employment in the entertainment industry. Most are comedians anyway, in the genre of P T Barnum who was alleged to have said, "There’s a sucker born every minute." Could it be that whoever made the quote was a little low in his estimation?

There’s a rumor out, saying our commissioners court (more politicians) is going to raise taxes, due to a budgetary shortfall (Gomer Pyle would have exclaimed, "Surprise, surprise!). Though I hope the rumor is incorrect, it does sound suspiciously plausible.

Oh, I realize all members of the court were elected, running as Republicans and, though the platform of that political party denounces tax increases, show-business people are not against raising the price of admission.

Most agree with the Barnum Theorem, thinking the majority of us, being suckers, have short memories. After all, the next election is a long way off...

Of course, all the movers and shakers, which includes politicians, ‘felt this thrill going up their legs’ when the economy was better and Ellis County was growing by leaps and bounds. Why, maybe the increased revenue flow would never run out, so spend, spend, and spend. Jack the government salaries up, up, and up. Construct glorious government edifices. Things are so great, world (revenue) without end!

So, the logical question might be asked, "Were all of these officials elected on the Republican ticket Republicans...or were they simply running on the logical ticket to get elected in Ellis County?

That is the question. We might ask that same question for quite a few politicians running in Red States or Red Areas.

Yes, the wise among us realize and know we’re in a real war...and I don’t mean Iraq or Afghanistan.

Look at Wisconsin and others of the Rust Belt States and New England, even some Southern States overrun by Snowbirds. And it’s not only about union pay and union benefits; it’s about philosophy; it’s about world view; it’s about whether government will or will not interfere with matters of religion, speech, press, assembly, etc. It’s like 1776 all over again, with a lot of "Tories" remaining among us who

are making a lot of fuss.

It’s about (this is a real biggie), it’s about our kids being lied to...or not ever being told about things that really matter, about not being taught how to think critically, about being taught that separation of church and state means keeping your belief in Christ out of the schoolrooms and out of anything relating to civic affairs; this from kindergarten through a university doctorate .

It’s about teaching macro-evolution, not as a theory, but as a fact. It’s about leaving God out, being replaced by the secularism god; it’s about the so-called Green Movement being inculcated upon the minds of our children and grandchildren.

Are these not important, no, critical issues in America today?

Solutions can be found in an abundance of knowledge, which is a rare find these days. The Ellis County Tea Party’s guest speaker this Saturday will impart some of that.

Dr. Larry Bell, School of Architecture professor, University of Houston, will speak on the Global Warming Hoax. Where: LaQuinta Inn, Waxahachie (behind Walmart on Stadium Drive. Time: 6 p.m. Dr. Bell’s book is entitled "Climate of Corruption: Politics of Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax."

May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Christ Jesus, Creator of the Universe.

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