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Constitutional Thinking: Stabs in the back

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It has been another busy week for traitors to everything constitutional. Of course, that is the reason for the current troubles we face; they are busier than the patriots! They get the job done. They stick it in our face. We are not serious – yet!

I always knew my former State Senator, Dr. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville) was not conservative, but he’s getting worse. According to EmpowerTexans, he wants to "drain the state’s rainy day fund and raise taxes."

Worse yet, the same article says "he knows conservatives don’t want him to raise taxes, but, too bad." Let me get this straight: he’s for imprudent financial management, avoiding responsibilities, taxing and spending, and screwing the conservatives. I guess his ego has outgrown his common sense. Voters need to enroll him reality therapy in 2012.

His clone, Jim Pitts, (R-Waxahachie) and the other fake conservative republicans along with the liberal democrats are having a party in Austin at our expense. The party is so good, they are heading for the last keg (our emergency fund) rather than seeing it come to an end. Why bother finding real solutions, such as ending or phasing out unconstitutional programs. That sounds like work.

As we think about upcoming elections, we need to be sure each candidate for office (county precinct chair to president) has a heart for the Constitution and understands that the roots of our problem stem from our financial system and the Federal Reserve.

State Sen. Russell Pearce (R-Arizona) along with Senator Ron Gould, have proposed Senate Bill 21308 which defines Dual Citizens as Natural Born Citizens! What a deal. A dual citizen could be Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces (President)! Do we have Republicans here working to protect Obama on the citizenship issue? Arizona had passed a bill requiring candidates to prove citizenship.

When I met Senator Pearce in Carrollton a couple of years ago, I pegged him as a neo-con Republican. Call him. Tell him to pull the bill and start over. If neo-cons continue to fool conservatives, conservatives will wake up in chains.

That brings us to our presidential candidate series and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She would be a great one to go to a party with, but I don’t think we want her at the Presidential Ball. While she was billed as the outsider in 2008, she was extremely well connected with the Washington establishment.

Palin appears to be the creation of Bill Kristol, the neo-conservative (Trotskyite-communist) leader and today the publisher of the Weekly Standard. His cruise ship visited Juneau in June 2007 shortly after Palin became governor. She was introduced to Kristol, then a Wall Street Journal op-ed columnist; Fred Barnes – Fox talk-show host, Michael Gerson, Bush speechwriter and Washington Times columnist.

In August, a National Review cruise brought its editor Rich Lowry, Robert Bork, John Bolton and Dick Morris to see the rising star. Morris says he told her she might one day be tapped for VP, and she was. Palin, as an evangelical Christian, has fallen for the current misguided Republican line on foreign policy.

Her speeches constantly refer to "use of force" if necessary, whether it involves Iran, Iraq, and even made light of possible NATO involvement in the Georgia/Russia conflict. She received her first foreign policy talking points from Rockefeller stooge, Henry Kissinger, on Iran, China, North Korea, Georgia and Russia.

Do you remember Dan Quayle (R) and his spelling - "potatoe" during the 1988 campaign? He was the dumbest VP of recent years until Al Gore took away the title. Barrack Obama, of course, visited "57" states" during the presidential campaign and got away with it.

Sarah Palin is constantly making stupid mistakes, such as calling North Korea an "ally!"

Can we risk a candidate like her in front of the liberal media? She could be destroyed at a moment’s notice. Even if she made it to the White House, we would have another ‘teleprompter hugging’ president.

Palin believes we need to ramp up support for education/teachers salaries. Doesn’t she realize we already have tried that and it failed? During the debates, she was all for capping carbon emissions. Maybe "Mamma Grizzly," who, in reality, is extremely uncomfortable in the outdoors, is dreaming of living in a warmer place.

While Sarah Palin does have some good common sense positions, it appears that overall, she is just another puppet, and her most consistent trait is promoting "what George W. Bush described as a "global democratic revolution." His father called that, the "the new world order" 20 years ago. I’ll pass on Palin, and review another candidate next week.

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