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Constitutional Thinking: Discovering the truth

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We Americans are going to have to learn to discern the truth about what is going on more quickly in the future. The failure to recognize fraud leads to great financial, political and social problems.

Today, we have one crisis after another spreading worldwide. Politicians have learned, that when they want something, just create a crisis, and the people will fall in line. To enemies of the constitution, it doesn’t matter if fraud is involved or not.

Consider the Sputnik crisis when the Soviets launched it in 1957. The Soviets beat us into space, a blow to our prestige. We went on a crash program to "catch up" and we did. What you may not know, is, the rest of the story. Yes, it was a contrived crisis.

General James Gavin (U.S. Army) in a speech on December 1, 1966 to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said we had the capability of orbiting a satellite more than a year before Sputnik, but his superiors allowed the Russians to be first. We knew what they were doing.

Do you remember what the result of this false crisis was? It was the start of the big push by the federal government into education. President Obama referred to this "investment in better research and education" in his State of the Union address. The push was not to make American education #1 in the world (it already was), it was to gain control over the schools. Can you say, "Mission Accomplished"? Today, Obama would only make things worse.

Our schools are now mediocre and getting worse each year. Patricia Hardy, a member of the Texas Board of Education told Ellis County Tea Party members last Saturday, Texas is doing a better job with curriculum than many other states. She is probably somewhat correct, but by supporting the teaching social studies versus History, Geography, Government/Civics, etc., she shows she has been compromised by her education system.

What we need on both state and local school boards are ordinary constitution supporting citizens with some common sense, instead of professional educators and professors with an agenda. The U.S. Department of Education must be disbanded. Schools must be independent and locally controlled. Only then will we stop teaching communism and global citizenship in the schools. It is no wonder Chicago communist revolutionaries are in the streets fanning the protests in Wisconsin and some Green Bay Packers (NFL Union members) supporting the protesters.

Fox News, somewhat conservative only in comparison to the other media outlets, was forced to publically admit last week that they showed specially doctored 2008 CPAC footage instead of 2011 CPAC footage, to show attendees booing Ron Paul. Paul won the presidential straw poll for the second year in a row and is by far the leading favorite among real conservatives for 2012. Mitt Romney was second, and all the other neo-con Republicans trailed far back. If you think this was just a mistake (as Fox claims), how do you explain Fox being caught doing similar things on a regular basis? Their list of deceitful reporting is long. Another example was their faking footage of Sarah Palin’s book signing ceremony to make it look like a big reception when it wasn’t. Fox also edits photos to influence viewer opinions of guests. Quit trusting them to be "fair and balanced." Check all media out.

The new Republican House is racking up plusses and minuses. . They sold out the American people by extending the unconstitutional Patriot Act. Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert (R) District 1 (Tyler), who is on the House committee, tried to temper the criticism of his vote from a Tyler "We the People" group on a radio show. The congressman was very smooth, but did not tell the whole story. Joe Barton (R) Ennis, also joined in the sell-out along with most Republicans.

On the plus side, Republicans blocked expanding the use of ethanol to 15% for later model cars. They defunded Planned Parenthood. They are talking about ending the ban on incandescent light bulbs which force us to use the highly polluting new bulbs.

Republicans also cut some of the spending for Obamacare, but the leadership did not allow Representative Steve King’s resolution to cut off $105.5 billion in automatic spending on Obamacare? Why? This program must be completely ended. Keep the pressure on.

We must realize that deceit is the method used by many to reach their goals. William Casey, CIA Director in 1981, is quoted from internal staff meeting notes, "We’ll know our disinformaton program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." When you know the history of the CIA, you will understand why he said this. Be on guard.

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