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Constitutional Thinking: On the road to 2012

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Preparations for 2012 are well underway as last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) brought together most of the potential Republican Presidential candidates.

A better name for the meeting might be (CINO), Conservatives in Name Only.

Some of the candidates were obviously CINO’s that refuse to see reality, let alone be constitutionalists.

Sarah Palin stayed home, but she has hired a big name political advisor.

Several new faces showed up; Herman Cain, a businessman/radio show host from Atlanta, Ga., and Representative Alan Watt from Florida.

Both of them, by the way, are black, quite impressive and deserve to have their ideas heard.

Cain may have hurt his cause when he cited the example of Rick Perry saying we need to get back to the Constitution, and by pushing for the Fair Tax.

He either doesn’t know much about Rick, or is gunning for a VP slot in 2012?

You have to question the leadership of CPAC when they offer up the “Defender of the Constitution Award” to Donald Rumsfeld and have it presented to him by Dick Cheney.

It would be difficult to bring two more unconstitutional and evil men to a stage at one time.

Fortunately, they were heavily booed by attendees.

The real road we need to take heading toward 2012 is to continue rapidly educating ourselves and our friends on the true condition of our Republic.

We all have to beef-up on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and what both of these documents meant in the eyes of the Founders, not in the eyes of the Supreme Court of today.

We have to go all out in supporting State Nullification of unconstitutional Federal programs.

The answer to problems we see in Washington, D.C. are found in our State Capitols, and we have to be sure the right people are there doing the right things.

One of our biggest challenges will be for us to admit to ourselves that things happen because men want them to happen.

So many politicians want to “fix” things, when the answer often is that it can’t be fixed since it is unconstitutional in the first place.

If the foundation of an idea is flawed, you can’t fix it.

Are our leaders all fools, or simply mistaken?

Why does our government fail year after year in health care, education, energy, housing, economics, and foreign policy?

Is it possible there could be a hidden design with the goal of failure?

The nation’s first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, once stated, “Consistency has never been the mark of stupidity.

“If [our leaders] were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.”

It appears that most of our top leaders, educators, politicians, the clergy, business leaders, and of course huge numbers of pundits have allowed themselves to be bought off by financial interests that do not care about the constitution, only profits.

Have you ever thought about why this happens?

It’s natural, since profits are their nature. As one talk show host said about corporations, “They have no body to burn in hell and no soul to save.”

They are a legal fiction.

Our supposedly good organic food producers and retailers like Organic Valley and Whole Foods, for example, are selling us out.

Organic Valley forces its 1,600 dairymen to pledge not to sell raw milk to consumers, while Whole Foods has just recently compromised with Monsanto on GMO alfalfa.

They are supporting partial de-regulation of it.

We have allowed government to be bought out by corporations and have not lived up to our responsibility to force corporations to comply with natural law.

We the People and our Churches need to be the conscience of these corporations since they by law have none.

We can not escape our moral and Biblical responsibility to do so.

In addition, we must resist an apparent implementation of beginning Gestapo and KGB Domestic Surveillance tactics in our “Homeland.”

That’s a good Nazi term.

Walmart is using a 40-second video statement by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to ask Walmart shoppers to inform on their neighbors.

We need to tell Walmart to stop this immediately.

Finally, we must let our Republicans in Congress know that they must NOT re-authorize the completely unconstitutional and unnecessary Patriot Act.

Anyone voting for this bill must be replaced via the 2012 primaries for a yes vote alone.

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Lynda Page 02/23/2011 09:43:57
Congressman Allen West is the US Representative from Florida, not Alan Watt, as noted in your article, and he did deliver the closing speech at CPAC. He is Retired Lt. Colonel Allen West, and he is a true patriot who dearly loves our great country. Please consider doing more research on him and his ideals, and then include your findings is a future article. I do not believe you will be disappointed. Allen West for President 2012!
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