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Constitutional Thinking: Texas/US out, China in

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As Texans and others around the U.S. shivered and worried about power outages around the country last week, what should really make you shiver, is the fact that Obama wants to shiver!

Democrats are heavily into destroying our standard of living.

They do not care about the environment.

The only green they care about is your money go into their bank accounts through insider deals in one of the greatest scams in history.

Anyone doing even minimal research should realize "Peak Oil" is a corrupt globalist scam.

In reality, there is tons of oil, so much in fact, they the insiders have to work hard to keep it away from us.

New reserves are being discovered all around the world, A Wall Street Journal article six years ago admitted we tap Middle East oil because is more profitable, not because it is needed.

Texas was one of the states hit hard by Obama plans for third world status for this country.

The White House tried to deny that the EPA and Obama administration have publically stated and openly embarked on a mission to destroy the coal industry by blocking construction of new power plants.

Since Texas supplies power to surrounding states, EPA restrictions in those states left less electricity for the Lone Star state.

In Texas, the EPA has aggressively enforced existing regulations, delaying and preventing new plants in Texas from being built.

Obama stated, "If somebody wants to build a coal plant, the can – it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted."

If Americans do not awake to this environmental fraud being educated into their children in school, they will face even more chilling situations in the future. These fascists don’t give up easily.

Al Gore is now blaming the snow and cold on the carbon dioxide, when he before predicted snowless winters.

Believing in peak oil and man-made climate change causes us to make faulty economic and political decisions. It can lead to war.

The truth is, modern day clean burning coal-fired plants go to great lengths to remove all hazardous materials through sophisticated scrubbers, etc.

All that really comes out of the plants is water vapor and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is good, not bad.

Republicans should cut the funding for the EPA and force them into reality, instead of allowing them to force us into a false reality.

The EPA and their liberal political allies have blocked coal plants in Georgia, South Dakota, Kansas, Illinois and other states.

More such action will come and existing coal plants are at risk.

The Democrats and their liberal friends would have us go back to "candlelight" that’s just not for dinner anymore.

What power is allowed, they want controlled by their globalist friends.

They build plants in Mexico instead of the US, so they do not face our environmental regulations.

They give GE, a globalist corporate favorite and leading power plant contractor, government exemptions from new laws just like Obama gave his supporters with Obamacare.

There is no excuse for our having rolling blackouts.

The socialists have given away our money that should have been invested in infrastructure, both electric and gas.

The leadership of our government has committed high treason, and speaking of Treason, it gets worse.

Our corporate government (not our Constitutional government) is allowing the invasion of our country with "Foreign Trade Zones."

These allow communist Chinese to enter, and live on American soil while setting up business in the US.

The trade zones will be peppered throughout all 50 states. In the Boise, ID area, the Chinese are getting 10.000-30,000 acres of "foreign soil".

They will be manufacturing products in the US with only Chinese workers. If you voted for Obama, we’re sorry to report that to you.

Maybe the Chinese are demanding collateral for all their loans to us (buying our government bonds). Has the Trojan Horse come through the gates?

They will be allowed to bring in military equipment – very interesting. I guess it might be helpful to have reliable help available for putting down any "brushfires" started by old fashioned American Patriots that might not like it if we gave up the Constitution and switched out of the American dollar sometime in the future to make the one-world bankers happy.

I don’t plan to learn Chinese. Do you?

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