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Constitutional Thinking: Careful what you buy

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When you go into a market to buy milk, eggs, produce or whatever, if a sign says that it’s "Fresh", you’ll probably take some home with you. After you get home, if the milk has gone sour and the lettuce is slimy in two days, you know that someone made a mistake, or someone slipped you some old products disguised as fresh. Once this has happened to you, you’ll be more careful about what you buy – it’s just plain old common sense.

Unfortunately, we allow our political, educational and thought leaders to sell us "sour ideas", the same old failed lies and excuses, but we refuse to punish them by demanding change or taking our business elsewhere. We reward them with continued respect, re-election and increased funding. It is insane to continually reward failure.

Our schools are constantly asking for more money, yet every year, our students slide deeper down the international rankings. We must quit rewarding failure with more money. Midlothian ISD is asking for a $97.3 million package of debt and tax increases. All tax increases should be put on the table until the economy improves and the need is demonstrated. The fat education hog needs to be deprived of the trough. It’s diet time.

Why do you, as a taxpayer, not have the courage to stand up to your public servant (your $old-out superintendent) and tell them they are wrong? It may be because you haven’t been to Web sites like www.deliveratedumbingdown.com.and gained an understanding of our education system. When you understand what is really going on, you will run for school board, state senator or representative, and eventually force changes at the top.

The problems in education do not originate in our local school districts or with the teachers, yet they must share in the responsibility of covering up. Our problems originate in our Colleges of Education and make their way to our state capitals, our counties, and Washington, D.C.

Barbara Qualls, Superintendent of the Ennis ISD, brags about her schools and talks about the coming use of iPads for informational transfer. Fine, but the key is, "What is being transferred?" I can guarantee you it is not true American history, government, quality literature, reading skills, math and science. Let’s face it; she runs a government indoctrination center.

Our public school systems are bloated, and what would you expect from government schools with government accountability? Even so, we can make major positive changes at the state and local level. Pulling your children out of public school is the best way to get their attention quickly. Running for school board is another way.

Watch out for false solutions like those espoused by Americans for Prosperity’s Peggy Venable. Having "school choice" is fine, but you must understand that this is a "cloaked" push for Charter Schools, the chosen method to finish off the process of making us all serfs. They are not the answer. The only good choices are Home School and Private School, and they must be allowed to function unhindered by government.

President Obama, in his State of the Union Address, launched a program called "Race to the Top" for education (all government programs titles should always read the opposite, so Obama is really calling for a "Race to the Bottom"). As Darrell Castle, Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party said, "Our system of education, controlled and paid for by the federal government, is a failure and should be scrapped and replaced with state and local control, with primary responsibility left to parents."

Fortunately, I believe Americans are ready to replace this deceiver in 2012. Meanwhile, we should start building support for other positive changes for the country.

The President tells us the economy is in recovery, but the news says 43 milling plus use food stamps to eat. We must realize we have been deceived on economic issues also, and withdraw from all so-called free trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, and GATT, which have been the main drivers in destroying American manufacturing.

Next, we need to stop all deficit spending. Government, like individuals, can’t spend more than it takes in without consequences, but they get away with it longer. Our time us up: cut spending, get the debt under control, no more bailouts, and End the Fed.

Our foreign policy has been a disaster. If the President was not deceiving us, he would order the troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, then from the rest of the world. The economic and political benefits of this action would be enormous. Doing the right things will mean a brighter future. Be careful what you buy.

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