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Simply Speaking: A 'news' talking head

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Upon opening my electronic mailbox early this week, I found a network "news" talking head. Yep, inside on living YouTube was MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann doing his emotionally-charged best to give anyone within earshot his best shot of verbal vitriol, directed at those he considered on, or anywhere near the Right. A segment of this, his Dec. 2, 2010 Countdown "show" was entitled World’s Worst, in which he snipes and takes pot shots at any conservative within range, keeping pace with the best loose cannons network TV has to offer. He opened by making fun of Glenn Beck demonstrating concern over an ant-covered Christ-depiction exhibit in the Smithsonian.

Wasting little time, other than that of his viewers, Olbermann, or PMSNBC’s Keith Overbite, as Rush Limbaugh refers to him, launched right into John McCain being mistaken on a point about Defense Secretary Robert Gates not having served in the military. Olbermann made it clear Gates had served as a Second Lieutenant. It is interesting, somewhat in McCain’s defense, the jump in rank by Gates, from Second Louie to Secretary of Defense. Kinda like having a president with no real experience in matters that really should matter...

Oh, Overbite did bring up the subject of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, in the McCain critique, being that the ‘homosexual plight’ seems high on network TV’s agenda.

Let me see, there was something else???...

It had to do with a Texas representative and a town and county and a Tea Party and issues and name-calling.. Now it comes back to me. Yes, Representative Jim Pitts, Ellis County, Waxahachie by name, and a meeting by Pitts with the local Tea Party. That’s it!

The Olbermann show’s marquee reads, "WORLD’S (NOT REALLY) Worse" The "NOT REALLY" evidently serves as some sort of disclaimer or softener for those issues he blows, which most Left-Wing issues are by nature - blown up, out of proportion, lies, half-truths, propaganda, etc.

"But our winner," announces Olbermann, "Texas State House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Pitts. The state is throwing around the prospect of opting out of Medicaid. Its Tea Partiers are all puffed up about showing them Democrats and Northerners and Minorities and Socialists and Big-Government (something, something, ernators) who’s boss."

"Then Chairman Pitts told them the awful truth. Speaking at a meeting of the Ellis County Tea Party, that’s Waxahachie, a member of the audience said he had a friend who was ill and was on Medicaid. He asked, ‘If the state bails out of Medicaid, what happens to my friend? Does he get thrown out into the street?’

And Pitts said, ‘If we did exactly what we’re doing today, we wouldn’t be throwing him out in the street. But if we have any savings in getting out of Medicaid, we will have to throw some people out in the street.’

Olbermann’s feined exasperation was, "What are you doing? You can’t tell them that! How are the sheep going to follow you to the slaughter if you tell them they’re going to be slaughtered? You’re supposed to tell them they can have their cake and eat it too."

"That’s Texas House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Pitts speaking reality to people who don’t believe in it."

"Today’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!" spewed Olbermann, as he hurled his handful of papers at the TV camera.

So why doesn’t PMSNBC’s Keith Overbite just come out and say what he really thinks about Texas and Southerners and the puffed-up Tea Party and conservatives and sheep (most all of us, according to him) and Ellis County and Waxahachie? Why doesn’t he just come out and say how much he loves liberals and socialists and minorities and big government and something-something, and ESPECIALLY how he loves to hear his big mouth flap.

My Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Christ Jesus, The Bright and Morning Star...and protect us from the Keith Olbermann-ilk of the world.

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