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Constitutional Thinking: Lame ducked

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The recent Lame Duck session hopefully will not lead to us being Dead Ducks. Democrats along with sell-out Republicans allowed President Obama to in effect, win the Triple Crown going into year end. He got the START treaty, Stimulus II – a.k.a, the tax cut deal, and of course, repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

Democrats along with thirteen sell-out Republican Senators passed the START Treaty with Russia. Major components of the treaty require us to reduce our number of intercontinental ballistic missiles from 540 to 420, our nuclear-capable bombers from 96 to 60, and the number of launch tubes on our Ohio-class submarines from 24 to 20. The Russians get to keep their 2,050 to 500 advantage in tactical nuclear weapons.

The treaty reverses the Bush policy of ending the link between offensive and defensive weaponry shown in withdrawing from the ABM Treaty, which allowed advances in missile defense. Obama had already cancelled our planned Polish/Check missile defenses in response to Russian protests. Of course, he bows to every ill wind.

Not only does our cut make the Russians "feel important", nothing is done to contain real threats or new Russian weapons or the fast advancing Chinese. The rogue states of North Korea and potentially Iran are not included. Chinese nuclear forces becomes more important as we reduce our forces.

In addition, the Pentagon, according to a story in the Washington Times, is increasingly concerned about Chinese advances in weapons "including advanced submarines, surface-to-air missiles, anti-satellite weapons and computer-network-warfare weapons and techniques."

Unknown to most Americans, is the fact that our government has given the technology to the Chinese (and other rogue states) making these threats possible.

Chinese leaders and generals, come right out and threaten to "nuke" us. What wonderful business partners! Sleep tight and I hope you don’t get that "glowing feeling".

Stimulus II, the tax-cut deal, according to the same source, is "the perfect pre-re-election fiscal sugar high – the piper gets paid in 2013 and beyond."

This may be a ‘nice-try" from Obama’s viewpoint, but we need to take action right now to fix our fiscal house.

Republicans need to take the knife to the many socialist programs our government currently fosters. Why not cut our National Public Radio (NPR)? This rotten liberal corpse from the LBJ Great Society era needs to be buried. It was set up as an instrument of "social change". If you wonder how it could be so "liberal", look no farther than its first chairman of the board of directors, Bernard Mayes. How did a "gay" British Anglican-Catholic worker-priest and BBC journalist get this position?

There is no reason to continue funding this mouthpiece for statist solutions and progressive-liberal causes. We now have 797 stations espousing this philosophy, and should cut off all public funding. Let George Soros and Joan Kroc prop up the network.

The General Welfare Clause in the Constitution does not allow congress to do anything it wants. Our constitutional framers, so wary of granting powers to a national authority, would not have sanctioned it. James Madison wrote to E. Pendleton in 1792: "If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the general welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one subject to particular exceptions."

Madison made it clear in his report of 1899, that money cannot be applied to the general welfare but only to measures within the enumerated authorities vested in congress. The clause actually is a further limit on congress. Republicans need to quickly start slashing all un-constitutional programs and activities.

Here is a short list for them to consider: the Department of Education – DOE (finish the promise), the Environmental Protection Agency -EPA (an aggressively, over-reaching and power hungry group), the Drug Enforcement Agency –DEA ( a supreme record of failure), the Department of Energy (most work is defense related – move it to the Department of Defense), the Department of Housing and Urban Development - HUD (which has created more problems than it has solved and costs us $63 billion annually), the Department of Health and Human Services (projected to spend $869 billion in 2010 = $7,400 per household). I guess my check got lost in the mail.

In addition to the above, we must end the warfare state leviathan. Since the Spanish-American War, we have increasingly become involved in wars.

War kills a Republic.

We have already spent more than $1 trillion on Iraq and Afghanistan. This must end, and we must kill the debt machine which makes all these problems possible – the Federal Reserve.

Polishing off this list will take pain and sacrifice. Does America have the will to survive?

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