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Simply Speaking: Hazardous years

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It certainly appears we’re in for a long hard run, politically speaking, from now through 2012, and the Texas Republican vote for House Speaker is but one indication.

By now, we all know House Republicans, certainly including our own Representative Jim Pitts, turned their backs, once again, on the wishes of their constituents.

The Nov. 2 Landslide Election was just about the clearest signal from We the People one could possibly sound, yet Texas lawmakers voted on this most-important of all House positions as if Texans had been mute. Shame on them!

Just who do they "represent?"

Personally, I think lawmakers were Texas-styled skeered. They were afraid Straus would be elected and would consequently punish those who dared to vote against him. Politics works that way sometime (mostly all the time). So who does this indicate our elected officials most fear? Put the people and the Nov. 2.

Election at the bottom of the list...

Evidently, the quest for some chairmanship-or-other, or payback for same, rates far above the desires of those taxpayers and voters who were instrumental in sending them to Austin in the first place and who desire genuine reform from government-as-usual. Representative Pitts’ office reportedly stated ‘they had to listen to all the people,’ when petitioned by local conservatives prior to the House Speakership Vote. Would anyone care to place a bet on the number of Pitts contacts for Straus Vs. another candidate? Their response certainly appears disingenuous, to say the least.

Perhaps it is time to begin casting about for someone who listens better and acts on the clear desires of those represented in District 10. The next election for the office occurs with the primary election in the spring of, you guessed it; 2012.

Due to the name-recognition factor employed by many voters, any challenge would be uphill all the way.

Shifting gears, have you ever wondered why Austin and Travis County voters regularly and consistently vote to the Left?

The minority vote is minimal there; cotton doesn’t raise good on rocks and rills.I think it is because Austin and Travis County is covered with yet another crop; politicians and those who draw a check from them; a vast bureaucracy of government workers with its ripple effect.

Obama, and people similar to him, whose number is growing, are working day and night to create this anomaly in enough of America to insure victory for their ilk in virtually every election, especially the Presidential Elections. Get enough government workers and, it has proven out, they will vote to the Left, consistently. Most new employment figures are not from the private sector.

Who does that leave and is it purposeful? Does a hog like corn?

The same formula proves out for unions, more especially, government-worker unions (SEIU -Service Employees International Union), even teachers’ unions. I cannot believe the heart of genuine teachers has been won over by those of the Left, holding out crass dollars and obtuse perks, however, not all teachers in our schools are TEACHERS. Ask a genuine teacher...

The Tea Party and concerned conservatives across our county, state, and nationally have our work cut out for us in the coming months and years.

Elected officials and their bureaucracy have not been accustomed to having their feet held to the fire. They recoil from it and resent having their work checked by

the people. It’s none of our business they think; after all, you’ve never done it before. In that, they are correct, but the error has been ours in the not-doing of what the Founders said was our responsibility.

Remember Ben Franklin’s response to the concerned lady who inquired as to what the Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1776 had wrought?

Franklin responded, with nary a blink through his little spectacles, "We have given you a Republic, madam, if you can keep it."

Boy, Ben said a mouthful, as we of the Tea and Con Cons (concerned conservatives) are finding out. We need reinforcements. We know they (maybe you) are out there and have talents to contribute. We need a poster boy (or girl) imploring true Americans to join in the battle for, indeed, we are in a war for the preservation of our republics, all fifty of them.

Ask Arizona. Ask Texas, as the EPA takes aim at our industry. Ask the Border Patrol and sheriffs along our southern borders. Ask the ranchers in border states whose land is being trampled and trashed, some even being murdered.

From now through 2012 will be hazardous years, whether you’re involved or not. Might as well get involved and make a difference.

May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Jesus, The Christ, the Alpha and Omega.

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