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Constitutional Thinking: Watch your back door

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Many more Americans have awoken to the need to watch what politicians are doing in recent years. They are more aware of all the un-constitutional bills that constantly have come up for a vote. Hopefully, if the Republicans are true to their work, bills will be constitutional before being brought up for a vote, but of course you know I believe the cow will make it over the moon on the next attempt.

While the front door may be watched more closely, the back door is still wide open with heavy traffic in and out. According to TURF (Texans United for Reform and Freedom)."while the Governor (Rick Perry), Lt. Governor (David Dewhurst – hey Dave, forget running for the Senate), the Speaker (Joe Straus), and budget writers have all promised to balance the budget without raising taxes, they ALL support turning our Texas roads into foreign-owned toll roads (using contracts called Public Private Partnerships, PPP’s, or CDAs in Texas)."

Texans have already been conned into using CDAs, right here in Ellis and Dallas counties, and some supposedly conservative leaders have supported them. With the gigantic budget deficit Texas is facing, they may try to sneak this in the back door as an alternative to openly raising taxes (which would likely not fly) or cutting programs (which would cause a lot of screaming from those cut).

If they go the toll road route, it is estimated it would cost you 75 cents per mile to drive. They could say they did not raise taxes but balanced the budget, even thought your tax increase as a commuter would likely range from $2,000-$3,000 per year per commuter.. Other states are doing crazy things due to desperate circumstances. Make sure it doesn’t happen here.

It is important that you notify your representative to say absolutely NO to any toll proposal, PLUS, tell them to clean house at TXDOT by changing the position to elected instead of appointed leadership. They should also repeal any vestiges of the Trans Texas Corridor and protect landowners from eminent domain for private gain. More info is available at www.texasturf.org.

A major backdoor maneuver to be aware of and shut down is the trend of U.S. States to partner with foreign governments to bring in the exposed cap and trade by stealth. I’m sorry to report, it is working. Crooked state governors in 10 Northeastern/mid-Atlantic states, signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding" forming a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

This is of course un-constitutional, but it is going forward not only there, but in a bigger Western Climate Initiative (WCI) set to start in 2012. Seven U.S. states (California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Montana – plus all other western states are ‘observers’), four Canadian provinces are in the deal now, with six more states likely to join along with another three Canadian provinces and six Mexican states. Can you say, "North American Union?" Constitution what?

Also set to begin in 2012, is the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord (MGGRA).We can’t allow any area of our country to escape the opportunity to commit economic suicide, can we? Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin along with the Canadian province of Manitoba, currently belong. Maybe the Mayan Calendar is correct. Maybe the end of the world as we know it is coming!

The RGGI Web site brags about being "the first mandatory (nice freedom word) market-based (they mean big insiders) effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (what plants breathe)." They are pushing fraud down our throats. The plan begins by establishing a cap on carbon dioxide emissions and auctioning off "emissions permits: to the highest bidders. Nine auctions have taken place since 2008. Money is moving. What this all shows is that our leaders in both parties, at all levels, nationwide are allowing this to go on. While we thought Al Gore’s paper C&T boat sunk in the Caribbean off Mexico, the basically same plan is coming in the back door right now. We have been kept in the dark about it on purpose.

It is extremely important for us to take the initiative to become fully informed. This means you should read and study on your own. It also means you should turn off the TV, get involved with constitutionally minded friends and organizations where by being organized and united, we can better counter our enemies position and money who would sell us out for a buck.

Watching the front door is not enough. Our country cannot survive continually opening the back door to the wolves.

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