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Simply Speaking: Bozo of the week

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Americans For Limited Government (ALG), whose name implies exactly what voters on Nov. 2 shouted (not whispered) to government at every level, just named Obama’s EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, Bozo of the Week.

The "award" fits and all right-thinking Texans should second the motion because of what she evidently ‘thought-up" during the Christmas Holidays, something that will hurt Texas…and all Americans.

As you know, many of the EPA’s determinations are based on faulty science, much of which was provided by "farmed-out" international organizations, such as by UN bureaucrats (and others), none of which look favorably on independent-thinking Texans.

Part of this faulty science has been promoted as so-called global-warming, and its current focus is on reduction of CO2, a so-called greenhouse gas (horrors).

Guess what this week’s bozo breathes out after each and every intake of life-sustaining oxygen?

Yep, you science-empowered students know full well Ms Lisa Jackson, EPA guru, is "polluting" with CO2 upon every exhalation and with every goofy, wrong-headed edict coming out of her mouth.

Well, Jan. 2, 2011 marked the date set by Obama and the EPA, edicting Texas as no longer capable of licensing its petroleum refineries, having the very possible chilling effect of shutting down 20 percent of America’s refining capacity. I think that is exactly what they want.

They’d rather continue doing America’s petroleum business with their Middle East Muslim friends than with any part of Texas.

This is Obama-politics at its very nastiest. They know Texas, for instance, is America’s most prosperous state.

They also know we definitely did not go for him and his ilk in November 2008, nor on Nov. 2, 2010, certainly not now.

We are a genuine, bonafide, certified, licensed Red State.

Always have been, even when we voted Democrat; even before the designation of Red and Blue States.

This rubs liberals and people from that section of America (all the way over to Chicago) the wrong way.

Always has. So, they’re trying to shut us down and punish us through their "you vote; we decide" style of government.

Those people would probably prefer Texas as not being a part of the US, except for their love of our tax revenues and Texas’ cheap(er)-to-them natural gas. That’s been the case for a long time too.

Come to think of it, Texas would probably be very prosperous as the Republic of Texas, as we once were from 1836 to 1845.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend all of our hard-earned tax money, rather than sending it all to Washington…and having them throw us a bone in return?

They’ve just-about stopped throwing us bones anymore…

As a republic, we could make up our own mind about things like global warming, CO2 as a dangerous greenhouse gas…or not, whether to use and refine our own Texas petroleum, controlling our borders, actually reducing our taxes and its eternal sidekick, burdensome government regulations.

Just a thought.

If trouble did rear its ugly head, we could simply put in a call to Harris County and say, "We’ve got a problem, Houston."

As it is, maybe our most excellent Texas attorney general can somehow throw a coat or other obstruction over Barack Hussein Obama and Lisa Jackson’s stovepipe and get them out in the open (per the new True Grit movie). Exposure to devious ways has the effect of a good damper.

By the way, if you’re not yet hooked up with the Ellis County Tea Party (elliscountyteaparty.org), it may be about time for you to check them out and lend your talents.

Strength through informed people working together is hard to beat, but requires our getting involved. Something to think about…

May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Christ Jesus, King of the Universe.

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Liam 01/12/2011 18:48:08
Another great mass of broken wind from the mouth this bloviating gasbag columnist.
Keep it up. I love reading this Ellis County rag. Why don't you at least feign to check your facts once in a while.
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