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Constitutional Thinking: GOP test begins soon

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The testing time for Republican Party begins soon, both in Austin and Washington, D.C. In Texas, the party needs to decide if it wants to be a conservative party leading in the new direction voters asked for in November, or if it will retain the old, failed leadership.

If you can possibly join the Conservative/Tea Party group going to Austin Jan. 10 and 11 to support replacing Joe Straus as the Republican Speaker of the House, I encourage you to do so. Let’s give the Republicans a chance (not a pass) to prove what they can do with conservative leadership, and then grade the results.

In Washington, Republicans will enjoy their biggest majority since 1947 in the House of Representatives. From 1948 until 1995 however, they sat on the bench as Democrats ran the show. Only in 1995 did the Republicans regain a majority in the House.

Even thought the GOP controlled the House, Senate and Presidency for a number of those years, the Republicans violated the Constitution just like the Democrats before them. Their grade on Round One was a D- at best.

Voters, tired of conservative talk but no action, a rough economy and continual wars, the Democrats returned to power in 2008 "change". Only a President like Barrack Obama and a his supporting tag-team of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, could have turned voter sentiment around so quickly.

This upcoming Round Two for Republicans is critical not only for the survival of the Republican Party, but possibly the survival of our Republic.

Some of the preliminary events look good. They will begin the session with the reading of the Constitution and Bill of Rights aloud on the Floor.

Next, the Republican will require that every new bill contains a statement by the legislator who wrote it citing the constitutional authority to enact the proposed law. If they follow through on this provision, it would be very encouraging.

What happens after that will be the key. Who will they listen to when the going gets tough - the Founders or their Wallets? Will they try quick fixes or use solid constitutional thinking? Proponents will be there with all types of solutions for out problems, most of them false solutions.

For example, on Tuesday, Dec. 28, Glen Beck held up his new book called "Broke" and then pushed for a constitutional amendment that would limit the expenditures of Congress. He is correct, we are broke, but so is his solution. An amendment is only if All else fails.

Some proposed a Constitutional Convention, which would be like lighting a match in a dynamite storage shack, and the result would likely be the same. Everything would blow up. A Con-Con can not be controlled by anything the states can do before time.

We would likely end up with a completely new Constitution. You probably aren’t aware that there are at least three "different Constitutions" waiting for a green light to move in and welcome you to a "Brave New World" of communism. Forget that "rights from your Creator" stuff. They will tell you what your rights are.

You need to beware a Constitutional Convention. There are Web sites pushing for a Change, but the writers do not understand what they are talking about. All it takes for a balanced budget is a majority vote in each House. How simple is that.

Other uninformed or deceived people are pushing for "The Fair Tax." Not only is it not fair, it isn’t Constitutional. What does the Constitution say about taxes? There’s nothing in there remotely close to this crazy notion. It’s socialism in drag.

Did you know that our current tax structure does NOT fund the operations of our Government? It does NOT pay for our Military. It goes to pay the interest to the private Fed on our National Debt. We need to get rid of the debt, and the Fed, not come up with some convoluted scheme to pay for everything we have been burdened with on purpose. Fix the real problems.

While the fair tax does do away with a lot of objectionable current tax provisions, most of the sales pitch for it by proponents reads like the Communist Manifesto. It’s "progressive", soaking the nasty rich. It’s demeaning, keeping families at the "poverty level" on the public dole. Who says "23 percent" is the right number? When will the rate go up?

The IRS does not go away under the proposal, and will likely return to give you a double hit. The right answers are; No Constitutional Convention, No Constitutional Amendment, No Fair Tax. Tell your Congressman to resist these proposals.

I guess Republicans have probably six months to complete the test. Will it be pass or fail? Keep a watch on them.

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