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Simply Speaking; 2012 is only 366 days away

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It has crossed my mind that 2012 is only 366 days away…but that is only mildly disconcerting.

Other things push the final Mayan calendar and the 2012 Presidential Elections to the back of my consciousness, such as, Christmas is only 360 days away; Christmas shopping could start any day now and, in fact, already has, I’m informed.

Worse still (Christmas does have its good points), April 15 is but 105 restless nights distance. For you businessmen (and women), tax days are all the more too common…and certainly too frequent, with too high rates.

Speaking of, the combined US and state corporate tax rate (39.3 percent) is second-highest in the world!

Certainly nothing to be proud of, with Wal-Mart shelves stocked to the rafters with foreign products, amazingly, ChiCom (Limbaugh’s reference to Communist China) manufactured ones leading the way.

With Japan’s Prime Minister, Naoto Kan just announcing his nation will drop its world-leading (39.5 percent) corporate tax rate by 5 percent, the good old U.S. of A will be leading the planet in yet another nonsensical taxing-its-people category.

How in the H---, H-ll, He-l, Hel-, -ell, can a supposed free people and its commerce be expected to prosper with that kind of load hanging over its head?

Stop the spending, Washington!

You too, states, counties, cities, towns, utility districts, quasi governmental entities, burgs, taxacrats.

Americans, through the Tea Party and fully aware representatives, are finally waking up, after a long Rip Van Winkle-type sleep, and will get around to putting a stop to government waste of every stripe, once they become aware of the ins and outs of each particular area of frittering away.

All you Doubting Thomases in government would do well to put that in your pipe…and smoke it.

Free Enterprise, American-style, simply does not work well when choked down by government taxation and its constant sidekick, Over-Regulation. Entrepreneurs will find another way, which is one reason they’ve gone around and set up for business in the Far East and Communist China.

It’s amazing that it’s come to the point where American businesses can thrive better, especially the manufacturing sector right now, in communist, socialist, even Muslim-dominated societies.

Who’d a thunk it, even a couple of decades ago?

Unfortunately, unless and until we come back to our senses, get government out of the way, and allow those American entrepreneurs to keep a major portion of their profits, earned by the sweat of their brow, we will go the way of this planet’s Third-World nations.

Unfortunately, there are those among us who would prefer Americans as Third-World.

Slaves and peons are much easier to control by central government planners and their bureaucracies than are energetic entrepreneurs, but Americans and Tea Party folk are fully aware of that too…and we’re the ones who’d be the big losers in such a configuration.

So, we’re out now to foil your vast strategies Mr. Big-Government Planners.

Your insatiable appetite has become much too burdensome and we’re going to eventually put you on Slim-Fast.

Your little behind-closed-door secrets are getting out and we’re beginning to learn how to deal with them.

Unless you government-programmed clones reform and repent of your centralism habits, you will eventually be replaced.

America is becoming reawakened. It’s about time; the awakened are elated.

Don’t stop, keep going. May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, King of the Universe and all its Planets.

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