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Constitutional Thinking: Nullification and Education

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If the American people really want to get back their Constitution, it will have to begin with our children receiving a good education. After all, they will be running the country within two generations. That’s a scary thought with our educational system is in crisis mode.

Much of our accelerating decline in educational quality has come after the establishment of the Department of Education as a cabinet office in 1979 under President Jimmy Carter. Nothing in the Constitution gives the Federal government any say over education.

Ronald Reagan promised in his campaign to do away with the Department of Education, but not only failed to get the job done, he made things worse by signing off on the merger of the U.S. and Soviet education systems with Soviet President Gorbachev. Read some of the history behind the creating of the soviet man here in America: www.devvy.com/pdf/masters.pdf.

Unfortunately, at this time, most Americans are not willing to face the fact that they are sending their children to a "government indoctrination center" instead of a real school. The current system is just a façade.

There is a reason why students graduate reading at a 44h grade reading level and have difficulty making change. Worse than that, they have been indoctrinated into ways of thinking not only foreign to that of our Founding Fathers, but foreign to all traditional Christian and social values. Your friendly local principal is following the soviet script and probably doesn’t know it.

"I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public classroom by teachers that correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith which will replace the rotting corpse of Christianity," John J. Dunphy, Humanist Magazine, (January-February, 1983). Deviants, like this, run the NEA and the Departments of Education across the country. They teach our teachers.

How can you be comfortable going to church each week knowing that you have put your children at risk all week? How can you as a teacher or principal, aid and abet this deception? The good people inside the schools need to be informing everyone else of what is really going on instead of keeping quiet.

One local school district even had the nerve to put up a billboard on a U.S. Highway bragging about the quality of their school system. Tell a big lie often enough, and people will believe it. Many teachers still mean well, but the system is rigged.

Our educational performance compared with other countries keeps dropping. We are now down to 18th place in the world. Shortly before the Department of Education, we were Number One! Do you know why this has happened? Go read perhaps the definitive publication on our educational system for free: www.deliberatedumbingdown.com.

You work hard and/or borrow to send your children to college where they may receive the equivalent of what use to be a good high school education. They often graduate with massive student loans that they will have to attempt to pay off with service job income. The number of good jobs in this country keeps shrinking all the time.

There is hope however, right here in Texas. Cynthia Dunbar, an outgoing State Board of Education member, recently offered a resolution declaring, "the U.S. Department of Education as unconstitutional bureaucracy with no authority to impose restrictions upon Texas or its school districts." She’s right. Let use the Tenth Amendment to nullify this department.

While no action was taken on the resolution this year, it could be in January when the 15-member board with its five new members next meets. It would be easier to kick the Department of Education out of Texas than get rid of it in Washington, D.C. Read the State Board of Education Resolution, then call your state rep and get them started.

Of course, to do this, we will have to be willing to forgo the money. We will need to come up with a plan. There will be pain, but if enough states stand up and resist, the department will finally go away.

Even presidential candidate Bob Dole in 1996, admitted the department has no constitutional authority. We also need to repeal Goals 2000 and the School-To-Work Act of 1994. School to Work, at its logical extreme, would have the government choose the career for every citizen according to ex-Republican leader and socialist Henry Hyde (CFR).

President Bush’s Executive Order, signed June 20, 2001, titled "21st Century Workforce Initiative" is the blueprint for forced labor being implemented quietly while parents and politicians scream, "More money for education."

President Bush’s "No Child Left Behind" really means "No Child Gets Ahead" because we are now in a Soviet society. You are just being asked to pay for the rope to hang you own children. Quit paying for it!

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