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Thoughts concerning the 2012 presidential election

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The assumption of most pundits right now in December of 2010 is that President Barack Obama is certain to be the nominee of his political party in the 2012 presidential election.

Things can quickly change in the coming months. The thoughts expressed here assume that President Obama will be re-nominated, even though this is America where conventional wisdom is routinely turned on its head!

The Republicans already have some of the telltale signs of a vigorous primary coming up. There is almost daily a public criticism of Governor Palin by someone in the GOP, such as the recent jab by Barbara Bush. P.J. Orourk, a longtime libertarian-oriented humorist and intellectual, has also spoken of Gov. Palin in a disparaging tone, and the snipes by Karl Rove are hard to miss, even though he quickly smooths them over by making it seem that he is not calculated, simply providing analysis.

What does this mean?

Are bigwigs in the Republican Party and their surrogates actually afraid that Governor Palin would be a bad candidate….or are they afraid that she might beat their secret favorites?

Either way, it is intriguing that so many elitists are already trying to undermine Palin.

When the discussion of Governor Palin or anyone else as a potential candidate for the Presidency of the United States is the focus of attention, I do not mind at all critical scrutiny!

But, what I’ve heard is mostly the kind of dinner party snobbery that has little or nothing to do with realistic assessment of Palin’s strengths and weaknesses.

Palin isn’t the only person who Republicans are thinking about as the nominee in 2012. What I am happy about is that most of the Republicans talked about are Governors, not United States Senators!

The nation does well to consider the differences brought to the table by the executive experience of working with a state senate and state house of representatives versus trading earmarks and other favors with colleagues in the Senate.

Whoever the Republicans choose to carry their banner, I hope that Palin is in the race. I do not even know if I would support her, at this point, but I know that she has energetically done more than any Republican in the Country to help her Party reflect grassroots conservative values in the 2010 eleciton.

For that, she has well earned a chance to voice her views, win or lose!

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Bill Burchet 12/15/2010 20:48:16
Obama's 'certain' nomination might face a serious challenge because of the following news .
Was Obama's victory back in 2008 an 'outsourced' one ?He used a book by a foreign author entitled First Lady President to pull it off . This can well turn into a major and fundamental issue against him undercutting his chances in 2012.Just see :


Pl see the "evidence" link on right .

Toby w. shelton 09/06/2012 18:02:11
It seems that the" nun doubting" is again in full swing. with accusations being made,both ways. as with the last election. race, and beleafs are pointed out. so, If no one minds. I will point something out, too. In the Norman faith. that faith, comes first. Before ALL ELSE. I.E. friends, relations, even the country. and mormans beleave. that if you are not a morman. you WILL NOT,ever enter into heaven,period.IF, that is thier beleaf. And if Romney is a true morman. who, and what will come first, as president? Oh yes. and according to thier faith. women do not have equal rights. but are subserviant. to thirty husband. Hmmm, isn't that against our countries laws of equallity? maybe we all,should read thirty tennents? just to learn if I am right, or not.
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