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Constitutional Thinking: Keep your eyes open

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From the looks of things, constitutionalists need to really keep their eyes open this coming year. The Republican 2011 Team isn’t even hitched up to the wagon, but the wheels are already wobbling.

State Senator Florence Shapiro of Plano is working to have Texas formally call for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution. Why does she think that would help, when it is obvious our elected servants can’t read what is already in place.

Senator Shapiro complains that our debt is growing at an unsustainable rate, and something must be done. Unfortunately, the solution she came up with is the old worn out one that comes from the method of Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Our controllers set us up for a problem (overspending), knowing that we will react to it (as we are doing now).

When the problem gets bad enough (2011 or later?), they always present us with the bad solution they wanted us to choose in the first place - a constitutional convention.

A constitutional convention is something we must avoid. Americans no longer understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and getting to that point will take time, since we have been mis-taught in school for at least 100 years. We can’t risk one in our current condition.

When we understand, we will no longer keep re-electing representatives that break the rules. Remember, the last time we had a con-con, we completely changed our government, so "Just say No" to the con-con.

I also often hear people say we need Term Limits. Most of us probably do not realize that we had term limits under our first government - the Articles of Confederation. We don’t have them in the Constitution for a very good reason. The Founders discovered that they do not work.

What happened then was, that when representatives found out they could not be re-elected, they took advantage of their position for all that it was worth.

Even though the Confederacy did later choose the term limit route, an educated voter is always the better choice.

While we work to keep the Republicans moving in a constitutional direction, we can’t ignore anything. Politics cares about us even if we do not care about it. We need to realize good government is not about left or right, republicans or democrats; it is about right vs. wrong. Most of what we get is wrong.

Both parties have been taking payoffs from big business to allow them, instead of Congress, to write the laws. Two examples are the Health Care Bill (by health insurance co’s) and the just passed Food Safety Bill (by big agriculture). This is the business model government operates under. Buying the recent Senate vote cost 12 million, but you can be sure it was worth it.

After these unconstitutional bills pass, they get blamed on the "Commies" in Congress, but remember folks, Wall Street funded the Nazi’s and they funded the Communists. Put the blame where it belongs. It goes beyond the puppet President and Congress. Follow the money.

The WikiLeaks of the past year of course show us doing or allowing a lot of things we should not have done – such as machine gunning innocent men, women, and children and then laughing about it in Iraq. Unfortunately, the leaks did not point the finger at the real culprits behind most of our troubles: big financial interests.

How sick are we as a society? Obama grants healthcare waivers to various groups and businesses like McDonalds, so they won’t have to pay to cover their low paid workers. Teachers get giddy when they hear that 10 new teachers can be hired for every person refused health care under Obamacare.

The controlling financial interests want us in a "post-industrial" world. That is why 97% of the 28 trillion in stimulus money stolen by the Federal Reserve, went to Fortune 500 companies, and a lot of it went offshore.

It’s time for us to wake from our trance and quit laughing at all this abuse. It’s all serious. Not only do we have TSA in the airports, we now have cops on the streets in Philadelphia, New York and elsewhere doing random searches! The abuse is coming to us. Get you hands out of your pocket or you might be a suspect.

I think we had better tell them all, "I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore", or 2010 may be remembered as the end of the good old days.

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