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Antipathy toward anti-war protesters

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Believe it or not I do occasionally peruse the Dallas Morning News even though I’m convinced it’s become a liberal rag and a waste of time and newsprint.

Today in the "Metro" section on page 7B an item caught my attention. The story was about the anti-war protesters gathering at the site of the George W. Bush library groundbreaking ceremony.

It was during the Vietnam era when I was in the military I gained a healthy disgust for anti-war protesters, and the even today the peace symbol makes me angry sick. Songs like "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" or Peter, Paul and Mary’s "Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?" still make my skin crawl. Those people were dupes of the Communists and did more to harm the American people’s resolve to win that war than can ever be calculated. There is more than adequate evidence of the Soviet Union’s involvement in those riots and terrorist activities.

Most of those people, particularly Jane Fonda and John Kerry, should have been tried, convicted and executed for treason. Words simply cannot adequately express my hatred of those traitors.

Now, we can argue until the cows come home about whether or not Vietnam was a "just" war, a "good" war, a "necessary" war or whatever, but there can be no doubt the activities of those people degraded the morale of our soldiers and gave aid and comfort to our enemies. To me it was shameful and directly led to the disrespect paid our returning soldiers.

Back in the 1940s, the Communists and American leftists were opposed to war until Hitler invaded the Soviet Union then they had an epiphany and wanted us to kick Hitler’s backside. Again, people were played as dupes by the Communists. It’s just whose ox is getting gored I guess and "Uncle Joe’s" was then.

Wars have been going on since men could fight with sticks and stones. Perhaps it’s something in our wiring but the inclination or desire to fight for your territory, your country, your family or whatever seems to be a natural part of mankind. William Wallace fought the British for Scotland’s freedom. Muslims fought Christians during the Crusades to protect lands they had killed for and conquered. The Indians warred with one another over hunting grounds then fought the white man when he intruded on what they deemed to be their territory.

Today’s anti-war crowd gets too much publicity and hence too much respect. To me they are no different than those despicable cretins protesting during the 1960s. You can lay a lot of that off to a staunchly liberal media that makes a heroine of some goofy non-entity like Cindy Sheehan (who is by and large one worthless blob of protoplasm in my opinion).

A woman in the picture on page 7B had a sign in her hand that said "THERE IS NO ‘GOOD WAR’." Now I agree with that. Wars are always terrible. There is always loss of lives and property that are unspeakable. The loss of one life is a dreadful thing, not to mention hundreds of thousands of lives. But in the real world, not the fantasy dream world of anti-war protesters, wars sometime are necessary. I would certainly categorize our Revolutionary War as such. I would categorize the Texas Revolution as such. What most people call the "Civil War" was a travesty and completely unnecessary. It should never have happened and might not had there been a different president elected back then.

Today’s rally at the Bush Library groundbreaking was organized by the Dallas Peace Center. I’m sure that’s a gaggle of worthless human beings as ever was. In order to preserve our way of life, our values, our culture and our families sometimes it’s just necessary to beat those plow shears into swords and do what’s required, which is to fight and to hell with the protesters.

Of course, we live in America and our First Amendment protects their right to protest. I also have a right to detest them and state I do.

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Mark 11/27/2010 15:50:06
What a great article...thank you..
I also remember the Kremlin was funding all the nuclear protests in the 70's...
Beth Dawson 11/27/2010 16:17:10
Mr. Hale.
How many of your family members have been to Iraq and Afghanistan?My son is on his 5th deployment.(in Afghanistan).I belong to Military Families Speak Out, Veterans For Peace,National Coalition for Homeless Veterans,Soldiers for The Truth, and Veterans for Common Sense
How hard did you work to see that these guys had jobs when they came home-especially the National Guard?There is a 25% unemployment rate among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
reference-Veterans for Common Sense and Soldiers for the Truth.I've never seen an article on this,troop-supporters that you are.
How hard did you work to see that they received the care they needed after multiple tours,multiple TBis,multiple diseases from a country at war?
One in three has an injury or PTSD thst will require treatment for years...that is 800,000 of the 2.4 million who have been "In Country".- reference Veterans for Common Sense and Veterans Today.I've never seen an article in your paper on this-troop supporters that you are.
I volunteer with National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.We have seen an exponential rise in homeless female veterans of THESE wars.Do you care?I've NEVER seen an article about homeless vets in your paper-troop supporters that you are.
When you put YOUR personal action where your mouth is,I will believe your sincerety.

Otherwise,it is political posturing as usual.
Mark 11/30/2010 09:16:21
Hi Beth..
This is not the democratic underground,a serious article was posted and you change the subject to post about what a wonderful person you are...
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