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Constitutional Thinking: New faces and New faces and new ideas

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As we head toward a new year, we need to construct a to-do list for our public servants - steps to take to start our country on the road back to the Constitution.

Not only do we have to prepare for the coming year, we have to start thinking about 2012. I believe new faces and new ideas could help out in the process. Let’s look at some examples.

Last Thursday, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas sponsored a visit to Ellis County for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Johnson is currently touring the country spreading the message "There is no THEY poised and ready to swoop in and protect our liberties. There is YOU and there is ME. We alone have to shoulder the burden of advancing the cause of freedom in our nation."

It is interesting to note this self-made entrepreneur and candidate with no experience in a state that is heavily Democratic, conveyed his common sense ideas: issues first, politics last along with good stewardship of tax dollars.

He didn’t even mention his opponent in the campaign, only ideas of freedom.

The media, of course, went after him.

Not only was he elected, but he was re-elected by a larger margin to his second term.

Governor Johnson defended the constitution by vetoing more bills than all the other governors in the country combined and cutting the size of government in half.

His vetos included a bill providing double fines for speeding in a work zone, and my favorite, a Dog and Cat Exercise Bill requiring two hours per day.

Johnson signed the "Concealed Carry Bill" into law in New Mexico, and while he supports the death penalty, issued a lot of pardons for non-violent crimes. He believes the Republicans need to not only go after Obamacare, but the Republican prescription drug bill.

Johnson also favors legalization of marijuana since 75 percent of the border problems come from this trade, and cites Holland and Portugal as examples of the results.

I agree with most of his ideas, and his belief in returning power back to the states and making them "50 laboratories of innovation."

He is very worried about our economy and the deficits, believing we need to live within our means.

The Governor would also end our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible. He opposed Iraq from the beginning.

While he favors Term Limits (they kept him from running for a third term), I would prefer an educated voter providing that function.

He also favors allowing gays in the military – a bad idea in my opinion, as is his supporting a flat/fair tax.

Check out: www.OurAmericaInitiative.com for more information. We need new faces at the table. Welcome, Governor Johnson.

In covering the Constitution Party’s semi-annual National Committee Meeting held in Fort Worth this past weekend, former Republican Congressman Virgil Goode mentioned some interesting steps House Republican can take to show they are serious about smaller government. These steps, importantly, do not require Senate approval.

Blocking funding for Obamacare as much as possible is at the top of the list. It must be slowed down, if it can’t be stopped at this time. Goode than adds the following:

· Defunding Public Broadcasting – not an appropriate government function

· Cutting Foreign Aid – tough for Republicans to do but necessary

· Cutting the $1.2 million/member of Congress MRA expense allowance

· Ending mailings at taxpayer expenses

· Cutting committee staffs – they are bloated way beyond what is necessary

Other steps that need to be taken, but which will be more difficult, will be:

· Working to stop the Amnesty/Dream Act and control immigration

· Ending Diversity Visas – allowing immigration for diversity only

· Ending In-Chain Migration – relatives of immigrants being allowed in

· Ending Birthright Citizenship – which makes children of illegals citizens

· Reducing Green Cards – these allow almost everything for illegals

The CP National Committee also approved a resolution by party founder, Howard Phillips, calling on Congress to issue articles of impeachment against President Obama for:

A. Issuing executive Orders that usurp Congress’s exclusive powers.

B. Using U.S. combat forces to make war upon foreign nations without necessary congressional authority.

C. Collaborating with enemies of the United States, both foreign and Domestic, to destroy the sovereignty of the United States, destroy the monetary stability of the country, and contrary to Article VI of the Constitution, engage in a concerted plan of action to so weaken the United States so as to compel a merger with other authoritarian governments around the world under the leadership of the United Nations.

Is this an idea whose time has come? Think about it.

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