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Constitutional Thinking - First things first: Good leadership

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Last week we reminded Republicans that they need to fix the mistakes of the past two years. This means killing, not modifying Obamacare, and completely stopping any thought of amnesty, the carbon tax scheme, and other Democratic wild dreams.

Accomplishing this, they need to start a search for the long lost document called the Constitution, so they can see the direction our country needs to take. You can’t be an officer on the bridge without checking the compass. I would suggest they start their search with the dumpster behind the Capital building. Then again, it might be in the sewage lagoon.

Nothing, however, will really be accomplished without good leadership. The current Republican Party leadership, with a few exceptions, is not really up to the job. The great step forward taken in November was not their doing, but rather the work of Tea Parties, conservatives and constitutionalists across the country.

Their current "A Pledge to America", while sounding good, contains some unconstitutional promises. We already have a contract with America for Congress – the Constitution, and it does not allow Big Government!

Congressman John Boehner of Ohio is certainly not the man for the job. He is an understudy of Newt Gingrich, who singlehandedly started and then destroyed the Republican Party conservative revolution of 1994. Boehner was the one pressuring Republican congressmen to vote for the disastrous banker bailouts in 2008-2009. How could you trust his pledge?

Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota is a scrapper, and would be a better choice than Boehner; however she tends to be a "neo-con" which casts doubt on her full constitutional understanding. If the Republicans really want to get on a constitutional course, they need to go with the most constitutional member of the House to be their new Speaker, and that would be Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

Congressman Paul has been proven right on everything from the economy and energy, to the wars in the Middle East. Almost everything that has happened in recent years, he predicted ahead of time. His record is amazing. No-one else comes close.

Senator Jim Dement of South Carolina has the most constitutional voting record in the Senate and probably should lead there. Senator Coburn of Oklahoma is another good choice. Newly elected Senator Rand Paul needs to organize a caucus group in the Senate to encourage constitutional voting. The Senate is known as a strong bastion of liberalism.

If Texas Republicans want to help things in Washington, DC, they need to take a look at what is going on in their back yard, and it’s not pretty. We like to think of Texas as "conservative", but we have a Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, selected for his post by 65 Democrats and 11 Republicans. Think about that.

Hopefully the newly elected Republicans will help select a truly constitutional speaker. Anything less, would be an embarrassment. We don’t need a Republican speaker making things once again better for liberals than conservatives.

I have to agree with the warning from "EmpowerTexans" in a recent letter. "Partisans on the left will claim this strong majority should adopt a "moderate" tone. Moderation, to paraphrase Barry Goldwater, in the pursuit of liberty is not a virtue." It is time for Republicans to quit playing "nice" and instead, think constitutional.

If you would like to get a really good update on some of the serious problems we are facing in this country, I suggest you take the opportunity to go hear a fantastic speaker in Fort Worth at 2 p.m., or in Dallas at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 20. Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack will share his views on what we need to do to restore Constitutional government in the United States and will tell of his Supreme Court victory against the Brady Bill attack on our Second Amendment.

Under the Constitution, the Sheriff is the supreme law officer of the county. This status is at least partially recognized in most states, but in Texas, the sheriff under the authority of the Texas Rangers.

The new Republican majority in Texas needs to correct this mistake, and in addition, change Texas gun laws to be Second Amendment friendly. We can’t call Texas conservative, when we have our current gun laws on the books.

Please don’t forget, it’s Veterans Day. Thank them for their service.

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