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Simply Speaking: It’s going to be different

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Things are going to be different this time around, so you middle-of-the-road Republican officeholders, take notice. For example, Americans were fed up with Clintonomics and the congressional Democrat majority in 1994, sending a tsunami of fit-to-be-tied Republicans to Congress, ready to make war on business as usual and on the Washington Establishment.

Those new ’94 Republicans stormed into Washington, fully ready to do what they were sent to do...and what they were sent to do lined up with the Constitution.

But they were ambushed, not by the Democrats...who were still reeling over having been brained by America’s voters...but ambushed, sidetracked, detoured by the leadership of their own Republican Party.

Oh, the entrenched Republican leadership wasn’t knowingly unAmerican in seizing the reins of that excited new group of rookie Republicans; it just didn’t want it’s playhouse disturbed, possibly even dominated by over-enthused or out-of-control patriotism displayed by this energized tsunami.

Hey, things were at stake for the Republicans already seated and ready to open the ’95 Congress, after forty years of Democratic domination there.

It was finally their time up to bat, and they definitely were not going to let rookies get the glory they deserved. Besides, maybe they knew how to lead, after all these years...

Well, that was then and now is a whole new century.

Now is also Monday, the day before Election Day and the results are not yet in.

If things go as expected...and as pollsters have predicted, this election will make the ’94 tsunami of sixteen years ago look like your rubber ducky dropped into your bathwater.

Unfortunately, many entrenched Republicans will once again be nervous about items like committee leaderships, keeping things under (their) control, and an endless number of other priorities, in hopes of leaving Washington pretty much undisturbed and as it is, save their now sitting as king of the hill. No doubt, country club Republican-types (with Democrats and other liberal allies) will be set to thwart America’s genuine revolution again in 2010 and 2011 as it did in 1994 and 1995.

Americans, many being active or in support of the Tea Party movement, are hoping this will not happen again, though knowing it will be attempted and probably successful...unless we somehow are able to prevent it.

Learning how to and actually holding entrenched (and new) feet to the fire would probably be the best bet...if we will learn and if we will then do it. Short of that, taking to the streets might be the next logical step, though forces are probably waiting in the wings for such an eventuality.

Let’s just determine to do the feet to the fire thing and look for better candidates to replace those on a power trip.

We should get prepared to do this with Washington power brokers, the same for Austin, the same for Waxahachie, the same for school boards, city councils, and any other governmental entities not abiding by the Constitution and by the rule of law.

Elected officials and their bureaucracy must be held accountable and, if they refuse, must have feet held to the fire FROM NOW ON.

If uncooperative, they must and will be replaced.

"We the People," by design, are to be ultimately in charge of all the various governmental bodies in America. Not unions, not czars, not even the legislative, the executive, or the judicial.

We the people. But we must learn how to do so, for we have dropped the ball and the bat for many generations, but we do know how to play ball...if we will do so.

Not talking about a pure democracy.

I am talking about being in charge through elected officials, the executive, legislative, judicial, governors, all statewide elected offices, mayors, city councils, all countywide elected offices...and all the remainder.

But we must take lessons on how to hold feet to the fire and then to do so with vigor.

That’s playing ball the American way. Shall we proceed?

May Yahweh bless through Yeshua, the Messiah. Pray for that.

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