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Constitutional Thinking - Ok Republicans: Fix the mistakes

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All indications are the Republican Party will re-gain control of the House and possibly even the Senate in January 2011. Whatever the outcome, the battle starts right now for 2012. Be prepared for Obama to blame Republicans for blocking his plans and of course, his taking credit for the economic recovery, if it happens.

Republicans must first of all, plan a strategy to stop Obama and the Democrats for passing un-constitutional bills in the Lame-Duck session coming up; cap and trade, more gun control, and international treaties, etc. They need to make these issues so visible to the American people that the Democrats will be afraid to push them through.

Next, the Republicans need to start correcting the mistakes the country has made over the last 100 years. The list is long, but at the top of the list for immediate attention, is "Repealing Obamacare" before it gets its fingers completely wrapped around our throats.

Obamacare has fines for employers that will hurt small business. It basically has the government running health insurance companies. It allows the government to meddle in your home, and will raise the premiums for private health insurance coverage.

You will be less likely to see the doctor of your choice. Cutting doctors pay, will cause many to stop taking Medicare patients. Almost everything the bill tries to do has already failed elsewhere, and we are next on this horror show ride unless we do something about it.

In the last session, the bill to "Audit the Fed" got a lot of attention and Republican co-sponsors, but in the end, the bill was sabotaged. The Republicans could prove themselves by passing the bill this time so we can see what’s going on. We can not be a free people if we do not have control of our money, but instead allow private bankers to control our lives.

We could also end a gigantic problem that most Americans don’t realize is one -membership in the United Nations. The United Nations is not an organization for peace, but rather one for war. We wisely decided after nine months of deliberation, not to join the League of Nations pushed by President Wilson and his communist right-hand man, Mandell House after World War I.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was nominated for President, the first thing he did after getting it, was to visit Mandell House. In 1939 he allowed the Council on Foreign Relations to start "helping" the State Department. This led to his withholding knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor from our commanders, leading to that tragedy.

The term, United Nations, first appeared in 1932, with the UN Charter being written at Dumbarton Oaks in 1944 and the first UN Meeting of fifty nations at San Francisco in 1945. Scared Americans (the bomb), without thinking, and in only six days, passed the UN Participation Act in 1945 by a vote of 344-15, with 72 not voting. Alger Hiss (communist) took the Charter to Washington for Truman’s signature. Passage of Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s American Sovereignty Act would end this nightmare.

Since the UN’s beginning, we have been in almost constant war/police action somewhere in the world. President Truman called the Korean War a police action, not a war. Few Americans realize that NATO is a regional UN group under the UN Charter; Chapter 8, Articles 52-54. We think NATO is a good group that protected us from the Soviet Union, when, in reality, it is an arm of the UN.

We are bogged down with NATO in Afghanistan, like we were with SEATO during the Vietnam War where enemy supply ships, truck depots, airfields were forbidden targets. We sent our sons then, and now we are sending our sons and daughters to fight a war we are designed to loose.

In 2002, Republican Speaker of the House Henry Hyde made this startling statement about our Constitution and the need for a Declaration of War before going to war. "There are things in the Constitution that have been overtaken by time," and the Republican Congress went on to authorize the UN police action instead of declaring war, leading to Desert Shield.

The question then is, "What type of Republicans will show up in Washington, DC and Austin in January 2011?"

Unless Constitutionalists and true Tea Party conservatives watch them closely, they will revert to aiding the march toward the One World Order.

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