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Simply Speaking: Feet to the Fire

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Part of what Christian and conservative voters instinctively feel we must accomplish in this Midterm Election (now only five days away, with Early Voting ending on the 29th) is to remove and replace as many part-of-the-problem elected officials as possible, then complete the job in the 2012 Elections.

In the meantime, between now and then, "We the People" must do something (mostly) never done before, in our lifetime at least: HOLD FEET TO THE FIRE!

Don’t doubt elected officials’ feet aren’t red hot from having them blistered, currently and in times past; it’s just that all the various SPECIAL INTERESTS have been the ones doing the holding, while we sit at home trustfully believing those we voted for will accomplish what they promised before the elections.

So, after all these years of being deceived…and having ownership in so much Louisiana and Florida swamp land, along with so many Brooklyn Bridges, hopefully we’re ready to assume a rightful position in our (according to Franklin) constitutional republic, beginning with getting our derrieres off the couch on Election Day. Immediately afterward, we should begin the process of HOLDING FEET TO THE FIRE!

In that vein, Liberty Institute (located in Plano) formerly Free Market Foundation, Kelly Shackelford being its president and CEO, contacted Texas candidates for state and national office with questions on a number of issues.

Their responses are important keys in holding feet to the fire (HFTF) after the election.

Those responses, along with the party platform on which they ran, are ammunition for HFTF.

We all know the Declaration of Independence clearly states our Creator endowed us with certain unalienable rights, "that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…"

With this in mind, I found it interesting that on the question of whether to "Ban abortion except where it is necessary to prevent the death of the mother," 44 out of 47 Democrats on the ballot for seats in the Texas House of Representatives were opposed, with one being "strongly opposed." We’re talking about Life here. Pretty clear where Democrats stand on this issue…

Also interesting are the Libertarian Party candidate responses on this question. The 36 candidates were a mixed bag, with 20 being opposed, eight being strongly opposed, one for, four strongly for, and two undecided.

So, overall, Texas Libertarian Party candidates, as a whole were 28 out of 36 against this partial ban on abortion question; and against Life...

Republican candidates responded thusly: 35 were strongly for the ban on abortion; 21 were for it: three were opposed. So, 56 out of 59 Republicans were for Life.

The single Green Party candidate was, predictably, against the abortion ban, thusly against Life.

Summing up, 56 of 63 candidates stating they were either for or strongly for the ban on abortion (except to save the life of the mother) were Republican candidates.

The 75 stating they were against the abortion ban tallied up thusly: Democrats (44), Libertarians (28), Republicans (3), Green (1). Clear as a bell, and a single fire for which to hold feet at the ballot box and afterward.

In the important race for governor, Rick Perry and Bill White were opposite on eight issues (with White choosing not to respond on four of the twelve questions): Transportation Tax, Perry, Opposed; Abortion Ban, Perry, Strongly For; Sexual Orientation, Perry, Strongly Opposed; Legalized Gambling, Perry, Strongly Opposed; Minimum Wage, Perry, Strongly Opposed; Divorce Reform, Perry, For; Gov’t Healthcare, Perry, Strongly Opposed; Sex Education, Perry, Strongly Opposed; Embryonic Stem Cells, Perry, Strongly Opposed; School Vouchers, Perry, Strongly For; State Spending Cap, Perry, Strongly For; Federal Marriage Amendment, Perry Strongly For.

White voted opposite Perry on each of these, excepting the Transportation Tax, Legalized Gambling, Divorce Reform, and State Spending Cap, these of which he chose not to respond.

For more in-depth explanation on each of these issues…and more, visit www.FreeVotersGui de.com.

Whatever the case, these responses and non responses are clues on how to vote and later on how to hold feet to the fire.

May Yahweh bless through Yeshua, Messiah and King of the Universe.

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