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Voting Democrat for the wrong reasons

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Almost anyone can fully understand why any leftist, socialist, progressive, or whatever they choose to call themselves, would vote Democrat this election cycle. After all, the Democrat Party has little or no policy differences with their European Social Democratic or even Green Party counterparts. So, there is no question why those on the left would pull the lever for any Democrat.

There is, however, a legitimate question as to why anyone who does not fall into the leftist category would even contemplate voting for a Democrat this year. If you consider that Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat majorities in both houses of congress have taken this republic in an unprecedented direction and given the federal government unprecedentedly vast powers, the question of why vote for a Democrat is even more valid. Add to the above the level of unsustainable national debt that meets the left’s goal of wealth redistribution, plus power allocated by Obama to unaccountable "czars" and their various agencies and you have the most left-wing government in American history. It even eclipses that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Indeed, the question then becomes why any candidate who wishes to portray him or herself as conservative would adhere to the Democrat mantra if they truly don’t support the policies of their far-left party? Why would any of the vast majority of Americans who are not far left consider voting for such thinly disguised hypocrisy?

The answer can only lie in emotion. For many non-left Democrats it is emotionally not possible to vote Republican, just as it is not possible for me to vote for any Democrat. But why would a Republican even contemplate casting a vote for a Democrat, as emotionally difficult as it is? The answer must be they have enough dislike, yes, even hatred, for the Republican candidate they want to lash out with an "I’ll show the s.o.b. just what I think of him" with little or no regard for future consequences.

My case-in-point is the race for Texas governor. Many that I consider conservatives are vowing to vote for Bill White because they proclaim they can’t stand Rick Perry. OK, I agree his executive order about vaccinating young girls was stupid and wrong. Also, his extraordinary support for the Trans-Texas Corridor with its huge land grab and authority turnover to a foreign contractor to build and operate was despicable. But is that enough to justify voting for a Democrat liberal like Bill White? Many I have talked to having heard the facts about Bill White have changed their minds, and while not enthusiastic, will vote for Rick Perry.

Probably the most important reason not to support Bill White is his record of being anti-gun rights. He is one of only two Texas mayors that joined hands with New York’s Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group. Anyone who is against my right to keep and bear arms is no candidate I can ever support. It’s poison pill with me for sure.

Bill White is a true liberal. He opposes the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Gay marriage is damaging to Texas families and the established order of society for eons.

As a big-spending liberal Bill White led the City of Houston to the brink of bankruptcy. His loose and dangerous fiscal policies were confirmed by an unofficial audit of that city’s finances.

If you think Bill White, as a trial lawyer, supports lawsuit reforms, think again. He also supports the Obama regime’s EPA and their attempt to co-opt Texas emission laws. Along with that he supports the Democrat’s cap and trade scheme, which would cost thousands of Texan’s jobs. In fact, he has stated cap and trade doesn’t quite go far enough.

Bill White made Houston one of the largest Sanctuary Cities attracting one of the largest illegal alien populations in the nation. How can we depend on this man to forcefully advocate for securing the border and arriving at a solution to the illegal alien problem in our state?

After reviewing these positions, I ask if this is the man anyone who is not a leftist would vote for because they are angry at Rick Perry over several issues? Certainly not me. As a matter of fact, this unreasoned anger at one man is just what got us Barack Hussein Obama, isn’t it? We should carefully consider our votes and how they can cause unintended problems in the future. If you are not a leftist, I urge you to reconsider your urge to vote for Bill White. We don’t need a governor like him.

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Dennis Bardwell 10/28/2010 17:00:54
I have forwarded your editorial to Mr. White's office.maybe,you'll get an answer from them.It would be interesting to see their response.
Julia McKnight 10/28/2010 17:09:03
I have been a public school teacher in the Lancaster School District for 12 years.governor Perry has done NOTHING to help at-risk students.Governor White comes from a family of teachers and will do the right thing for public schools and public school teachers.I guess being a teacher makes me a leftist,marxist,communist...whatever.Get out History 101,or repeat the 7th grade.
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Alfred Mitchell 10/28/2010 17:17:15
As a veteran of 2 wars,a teacher of disabled youth and a FORMER Republican,I can assure you that Perry has done more to HARM Texas than help.I can tell from your wordage that if one is rich and white,then their vote is acceptable.This is a public newspaper?I could have sworn it was a KKK periodical.Hopefully,anyone with any sense and morality will see the same thing.Otherwise,I guess Southern Poverty Law was right about our state.I'd hate to have to leave Ellis County at 70 years of age if this is the majority mindset.
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Lorinda Clanson 10/28/2010 17:50:00
As a teacher,I was astounded at the untruths in this editorial.i have worked on Bill White's campaign.I guess that makes ME a leftist.
Bill White is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, and owns a pistol for protection and a hunting rifle.
The National Rifle Association (NRA) rated Bill White "a generally pro-gun candidate." Texas has an incredible hunting and sporting heritage and as governor, Bill White will continue to fight for that way of life.
Bill White does not believe we need new gun laws on the books, but he does believe laws focused on gangs who steal guns must be enforced. He opposes a state registration system and a state licensing system.
Bill White fully supports Texas’ concealed carry law and will fight any new restrictions on
concealed carry across state lines. Bill White thinks that students, parents, administrators, and security personnel should decide policies about guns on campus, while Perry wants to mandate allowing guns on campus.
Some are attempting to smear Bill's record on guns by pointing to his former membership in a group called "Mayors Against Illegal Guns."
Bill White resigned from the group because its focus had expanded beyond the original intent of preventing the sale of stolen guns, and began intruding on individual rights to own a gun.
Specifically, Bill White resigned from the group the day an ad opposing the Thune amendment appeared in USA Today. Bill's name was NOT authorized to appear in the ad, and Bill White supports the Thune amendment.
As governor, Bill White will respect and work for all Texans, promoting opportunity.
Regarding marriage for same-sex couples, it is precluded by the Texas Constitution. Bill believes state government has more pressing issues than support or repeal of state constitutional amendments on this subject.
Rick Perry's consultants and cronies have falsely accused Bill White of making Houston a sanctuary city, when that label has no relation to reality.
Houston has never been a sanctuary city. In fact, as the Texas Tribune highlighted, Houston did more to identify illegal immigrants with criminal records than many other cities and more than the State of Texas.
You can see a report rating this claim FALSE at the independent fact checking website Politifact.com.
Bill White strengthened City of Houston policies to ensure that illegal immigrants with a criminal history were identified and turned over to federal authorities. Under Bill White's leadership, the City tightened procedures to ensure that people not authorized to work in the United States were not hired.
Under Bill's leadership, the City of Houston:

Coordinated with Harris County to pilot one of the first Secure Communities programs that fingerprints EVERY person arrested by the Houston Police Department and runs these fingerprints against every federal database available in order to identify prisoners with criminal histories who Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can detain as deportable felons.
Gave ICE authorities access to City jails.
Police Department cooperated fully and participated with ICE and other federal agencies to combat illegal immigrant gangs, drug smugglers and human trafficking rings.
Asked people who are arrested questions about citizenship.
Under Bill White's leadership illegal immigrants with a criminal history of violence, serious property crimes and narcotics trafficking were arrested and turned over to ICE for deportation. Bill White's approach, supported by Sheriff Adrian Garcia, gained widespread support from communities across the city.
Bill White also tightened policies to ensure people in the country illegally were not hired by the City. He did this by joining and implementing the federal E-Verify program to check the immigration status of every new City employee. Under Rick Perry, the State of Texas does not use E-Verify.
Under Bill White's leadership, Houston had stricter policies than the State of Texas does under Rick Perry.For more information about Bill White's 6-point border security plan, please visit www.billwhitefortexas.com/issues/border
Bill White does NOT support cap and trade policies. Bill White has consistently offered what he believes is a better package of solutions for our state and our nation. For more information, please visit http://action.shootstraighttexas.com/page/share/sst6
Bill White did not use pension funds to balance the budget at the City of Houston, and he will not use pension funds to balance the anticipated $18-$21 billion deficit the state faces. For more information, please visit http://action.shootstraighttexas.com/page/share/ss5
Bill White has released his tax records for every year for which he has held or run for elected office. Bill White has actually released more detailed and complete tax records than Rick Perry, who has his assets hidden in a blind trust and refuses to disclose his debts.
By refusing to debate, Rick Perry is playing political games, pure and simple. He would demand that Bill White release his tax returns from running a lemonade stand as a child if he thought it would help him avoid a debate about the state’s $18 billion budget shortfall. It is a bad precedent for one candidate to be able to impose conditions on their opponent’s campaign.
Rick Perry thinks that having a debate is a favor to the other candidate. Bill White believes it is a responsibility to the public. In refusing to debate, Rick Perry is signaling his disrespect of Texas voters.
For more information on this issue, please visit www.billwhitefortexas.com/finances and Politifact.com.
Bill does not propose to institute a state income tax.
As Houston's mayor, Bill White cut tax rates 5 straight years and helped senior citizens and disabled people with tax relief. He did this with balanced budgets and surpluses, making city services more efficient and responsive.
Bill White strengthened the City of Houston's finances, leaving the city well-prepared to weather the recession. Bill White managed Houston with fiscally disciplined budgets and surpluses, cutting tax rates 5 straight years. The City of Houston will end Fiscal Year 2010 with $170 million in reserves and passed a balanced budget for 2011 projecting $126 million in reserves at the end of the year, with no layoffs or furloughs, unlike many other cities in the country. For more facts and figures about Bill White's record of fiscal responsibility as mayor, please visit http://action.shootstraighttexas.com/page/share/sst5
Bill White is a strong supporter of veterans and military families. Bill White has always unequivocally supported the right of men and women in uniform to vote in all elections. The same attack, used by a desperate opponent, was discredited during the Houston mayor's race in 2003. For more information, please visit http://action.shootstraighttexas.com/page/share/sst7 and www.billwhitefortexas.com/issues/veterans
Bill White believes that the civil justice system should be predictable, prompt and affordable to all parties. People should be fairly compensated by those who violate the law. Juries and impartial judges should apply the law without bias.
Bill believes that frivolous lawsuits and meritless positions in court should be dismissed. Legitimate small claims should not be burdened by excessive discovery or trial delays. Bill White also believes that activist courts should not overrule the Legislature.

Investigate your facts before posting them.
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Robert Evans 10/29/2010 07:41:41
For a perfect example of 'unreasoned anger,' 'emotion' and 'thinly-disguised hypocrisy' one has to look no further than your own editorial. Where one would hope for some degree of objectivity, instead there is only a dishonest and angry partisan attack.

You complain about Republicans who won't vote for Perry "because they are angry at Rick Perry over several issues," while declaring practically in the same breath that you would never vote for White solely because of a SINGLE issue ("It's [a] poison pill with me for sure."). And White's position on that issue--gun rights--you grossly distort and misrepresent.

You often cite Bible verses here; allow me to recommend one to you:

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
Martha Johanson 10/29/2010 14:41:49
Where do I begin?As a teacher,I am utterly dumbfounded as to why you would print untruths like these.A simple "Google" search would have helped.
As the mother of a lesbian,I am doubly abhorred by your indictment of hate against gay/lesbian couples.
As a Hispanic daughter of immigrants,I am horrified at your encouragement to " forcefully advocate for securing the border and arriving at a solution to the illegal alien problem in our state?"your solution would be to shoot first,ask questions later?
SilverQueen 10/31/2010 21:52:27
Hey, Duff, how did those illegals get to Houston? Wouldn't they have had to come across the border, the one Perry's been in charge of for 10 years?

So are you happy with Perry reporting to work for Texans a total of seven hours a week on the salary we pay? How do you like his living in a $10,000 a month house on the taxpayer nickel, when he could be saving the taxpayer at least $7,000 a month living in a helluva lot better house than I do? Do you admire that kind of brashness?

How about how that Perry angered even the Bush base in McLennen, Bosque, Hill, and sundry other counties when he got behind the idea of taking Texans' land by eminent domain, estimates as high as 600,000 acres, paving it, charging Texans to drive on it, then giving the profits to the "operators," the SPANISH company Cintra???? Like that, do you? Well, a bunch of us don't. And our families have lived here as long as Rick's.

Poor old Obama, heir to the biggest steaming Republican pile in history. He is crazy to have wanted the job. But before you blame him for everything, take a look at your Ronald Reagan deregulation, George The Elder deregulation, Bill Clinton deregulation, George The Junior deregulation, and that slimy Phil Gramm's backdoor dereg of the financial industry at the end of 2000. Do NOT blame Obama that the Republican house of cards came tumbling down.

I take it you don't live in Houston. If you did, you liikely would have been one of the people who voted Bill White into office, reelecting him with 80%+ of the vote both times. We like Bill, Republicans and Democrats alike. He gets things done. He's a smart, self-made, innovative manager, and if you had bothered to look at how much money he's saved the taxpayers here, you would just have to accept the fact that he is indisputably a fiscal conservative.

Come on down sometime, Duff. I'll show you around a town that has benefited enormously from having Bill White at the helm. God willing, we'll get a real Texan back in the governor's office, leading us away from being lower than Mississippi in education, leading us away from being highest in teen pregnancy, and leading us away from being a national laughing stock.

I don't know what happened to Perry. He sure looked like a coward this election, not debating Bill, but it's understandable. He has no laurels. I think he must have sold his soul. That's fine, but he's not allowed to sell the soul of Texas.

You think all Dems are the loony left? No way, Duff, any more than all Republicans are the hateful right. Tone it down, for all our sakes.
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