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Simply Speaking: Flawed facet

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It does not matter that many of our Republican officeholders here in Texas and across the full spectrum of Red States would run on the Democratic ticket if the demographics were turned around.

It doesn’t matter.

What’re you getting at, Simmons; does this mean it does not matter how we vote in this Midterm Election? In the words of the apostle Paul, "God forbid."

There are a number of facets to this point of view.

First, most candidates running for office simply lust to win.

The count falls way off when you start naming candidates who have deep, heart-felt motivations for running, primarily to abide by the constitution, then to serve and represent the people.

Sadly, this truth holds for Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, what-have-you party candidates running in city, county, state, and national elections.

Again, party affiliation doesn’t matter a lot to most, as these men and women primary desire to win the election and after that, not much, or in the case of Obama and his ilk, too much.

As elections come and go, a candidate is a candidate, is a candidate.

Yes, most candidates in our time run pretty much alike but, if some do show promise on the campaign trail, it’s usually lost upon arriving at their office and taking the proverbial left turn.

The Establishment, the Bureaucracy, Lobbyists, the Media and Entrenched officeholders usually put the pressure on and do the trick.

So what is the difference and why should we go to the trouble of voting at all?

Well, the difference is the guy or gal sitting behind and reading this newspaper just now.

The difference is "We the People," but we’ve kind of fallen down on the job in the last century or so.

We’ve not done the keeping Ben Franklin spoke of when telling the lady they’d ‘established a republic…if we could keep it.’

A second facet appeared with Ronald Reagan coming on the scene in the late 1970s and evangelical Christians showing up at precinct, county, district, state, and national Republican caucuses and conventions, beginning in the early 1980s.

Reagan reset our national compass and the new Republican delegates rewrote their party platform.

Enough conservative Democrats in Texas and in most other Red States changed their voting habits because of Reagan and because of how liberal Democrat leaders and their party platform had become and also because of how the new Republican Party Platform conformed to their traditional conservatism.

The Democrats were (and are) aborting babies, trying to take our guns, promoting the Looney global warming theory along with Darwin’s theory on creation without God…and on and on.

It was too much for the Bible Belt and other conservative areas of America, so about the only political option left was the Republican Party.

With the advent of Obama, the Democrat socialist agenda has been turned up full volume.

That’s a flawed facet.

The national Tea Party movement is a diamond in the rough facet.

It’s still in the perfecting phase, but it is "We the People" finally fully awakening and getting on with trying to "keep the republic."

Obama and his Evil Empire ways was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back, setting the Tea Party movement into motion and awakening other Americans to the revolting developments we’ve gotten ourselves into.

So, why should we go to the polls in ever greater numbers and leave an indelible message indicating the kind of change we really want?

And why should we vote mostly or entirely Republican? Simply because the words of the Republican Party Platform agree with who we are…and are words with which we may hold Republican-elected officials’ feet to the fire.

The Democrat Party Platform is about abortions, gun grabbing, global warming, socialism, God is dead philosophy, etc.

How can feet be held to the fire with an evil, Godless platform like that? May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Christ the King.

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Amy Hedtke 10/22/2010 09:23:15
The Republican platform is only as good as the person you elect to represent it. If the candidate is dishonorable, the platform is worthless.

Vote for a candidate that deserves your vote and has shown they earned it.
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