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Simply Speaking: Midterm Election

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This Midterm Election, possibly the most critical in our lifetime, perhaps in our history, is not at its core about how badly Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democrat majority in Congress are directing America (as bad as all of them are).

No, even though they are Liberal, Socialistic, Communistic, Marxist, Stupid and just plain Dumb in their direction, evidently on purpose, this election is about something broader, deeper and vitally more important.

Republican Party elected officials and leadership, contrary to its grassroots and the Tea Party movement, have seemed to be mostly in disarray, as far as effectively combating the Obama administration’s myriad inadequacies, even treasonous* actions (*the offence of acting to overthrow one’s government).

The translation of Obama’s claptrap "change" verbiage certainly appears to fulfill the definition.

As if combating Liberal Democrats, a scattering of Greenies, and too many Blue-State Republicans were not enough, the "sky is falling" Federal Reserve and Treasury chairmen seem intent on borrowing and spending us into oblivion.

One has but to wonder whose side the "money-people" are on. I think we know…and it is not with "We the People."

Another clear and present danger is the ongoing Liberal Democrat effort to forever sew up elections numerically and electorally by legalizing illegals, bribing certain elements with continuing government handouts, supporting mandatory union membership, registering graveyard inhabitants in battleground states, funding ACORN and its ilk, and bribing other elements with FREDDY and FANNIE loans they cannot possibly afford, to name but a few of the cheating, underhanded efforts of those who would destroy our republic.

Perhaps the overriding, paramount question America faces is in the finding out of who "We the People" really are, more specifically, Whose we are. Are we Post-Christian as Obama claims? Maybe he is going by who he thinks (or knows) he is???

If we are no longer a Christian nation, then it would follow that we are no longer too concerned about things like our personal, our state, even our national sovereignty.

Sadly, the Education community no longer seems concerned about teaching our children and grandchildren about how we and our ancestors were once fully aware and focused on that point…or that it’s important or even what it is.

If God is sovereign, and He is, then His people, made in His image are likewise sovereign, if we will grab hold of it and hang on for dear life.

If we are no longer a Christian nation, then the point becomes moot and of no consequence for America.

Sadly also is the fact that we cannot count on the Media, Hollyweird, nor governmental agencies to make any attempts to aid us in becoming aware of the who we are...or once were.

Like Obama, these entities had rather remind us of how nationally evil we are and that God is dead, His people (we) are their enemy, and to keep Him (God) out of our classrooms and off our public square.

Just who do these public and other servants of ours think they are???!!!

So, rediscovering and then knowing who we were and are…and Whose we are… is up to us…and we must then teach our children and grandchildren, for they have not had the luxury of their teachers having a Bible on their desks and educating on its principles, as we senior citizens once had.

I’ll get off the soap box with just a simple reminder: Let us remember who we once were, Whose we are, and work to return to our great heritage.

Putting feet to that reminder would be to cast your informed vote early, or on Nov. 2 for sure, and to encourage your trusted friends, neighbors, and relatives to do likewise.

Upon that success, let us hold all of the above troublesome entities’ feet to the fire from Nov. 2 until election season 2012. That’s what sovereign people do, you know.

May the sovereign Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Christ Jesus the Messiah, our Lord.

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Scott Presnall 10/15/2010 09:11:48
Why do you resort to name-calling while, at the same time, ask for God's blessing?
jackie baker 10/19/2010 22:05:28
This is not the Christianity I was raised with.We were taught to express love and forgiveness,finding the good in all.i guess ellis County Christianity is different.In a time when our nation needs us to work together,why is the Ellis County Press so dedicated to separating us?I am a teacher in Lancaster,and teach my children that all can succeed,and to look for the good in all men/women.is the intent of this to cause more hatred among Americans?
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