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Constitutional Thinking: All your rights, all the time

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As we close in on our election V-Day, a recent news report brought home the necessity for Americans to be informed on broad spectrum of political issues, instead of just one or two. We are discovering the dangers inherent with single-issue political groups, such as Pro-Life and Pro Second Amendment groups.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am completely pro-life and pro-second amendment, but consider the case of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Many people see the NRA as a major supporter of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. They feel good about the work the group does nationwide in keeping this important right available to the people. Sorry, but I have to report, "America, we have a problem!"

In the elections this year, the NRA is supporting 64 Democrats for re-election, many of them incumbents. Wait a second. Isn’t our objective this November to get rid of the Democrats and evict Nancy Pelosi from her perch as the head vulture? Yes, but you see, we have politics to deal with here.

Democratic members of Congress that have voted with the NRA on key bills, most recently helping to halt the effort to re-instate the so-called "assault weapons ban", are looking to the NRA for their reward for this support. In politics, we have come to expect a "reward" instead of just knowing we did the right thing and getting our reward later.

On the surface, it looks like the Democrats should be rewarded for their correct vote on this issue. Consider the consequences of their getting NRA support. If the Democrats manage to retain their majority, guess who the next Speaker of the House will be? If you haven’t figured it out yet, it will be Nancy Pelosi.

That is the problem of voting based just upon one issue instead of voting for people supporting a broad range of right ideas. You vote to keep the Second Amendment, but you lose the other nine.

You vote Pro-Life, but the non-constitutional Democratic or Republican elected gives us constant wars, poison in your food and water, and a police state causing more deaths than you stopped by voting pro-life. What a bad trade off.

If we all worked together to put up constitutional candidates instead of just single-issue "good-guys or gals" or people "people that must be good because they belong to my party", we would not have this problem. Before we can do that, we need to be better educated politically.

While we’re on the Second Amendment, look at the problem in nominating candidates for office that do not understand the Constitution. In California, the Democrats picked the old re-tread Jerry Brown for Governor, the anti-gunner Obama would love to have in office to lead the surrender of your guns movement. Obama wants to finalize the Small Arms Treaty in order to confiscate all privately owned handguns.

His opponent, Republican Meg Whitman, has the money, but she obviously flunked reading in school. She says she "supports the Second Amendment," but adds that an assault weapons ban and handgun restrictions are "probably the right thing in California." The only constitutional and pro-gun candidate is Chelene Nightingale of the Constitution Party.

If Meg is for the Second amendment, why hadn’t she promoted protection and restoration of the militia (the whole people) as George Washington established it: to protect us from tyranny in government? Militia training was mandated for every man until the Civil War weakened it.

This wouldn’t be as serious except for "as California goes, so goes the Nation." I suggest you take a look at the Citizens Advisory Committee’s Master Set of California State Standards & Goals and page 340 sneaked in showing their deceptive plans. This document is considered by them as giving our permission to take our guns. It’s fraud.

Most states probably have the same type of secret documents that fortunately were obtained in California. The Handguns in American Society document calls for Stop-and-Frisk Searches, prohibiting the manufacture and sale of both handguns and ammo in California, and establishing a State Gun Control Agency.

We must educate our families, our friends and neighbors now, while we can, so other states will not fall into the trap California is teetering on. The only correct answer is, "All your Rights, All the Time."

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