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Simply Speaking: Battery charged

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Got my battery charged, upon arising Monday morning, by an old 1941 movie. Actually, I only caught about the last quarter of the film, but it was enough to get me revved up.

Searching for the remote control, I had early turned on the boob tube and a news channel was already talking about some Nov. 2 Election or other, which the FOXNews folks evidently thought important.

Seeing and hearing about the usual and upon locating the remote under the couch cushion, I went surfing.

Nothing worth watching is usually what my surfing turns up, but we only have about 200 or so channels from which to choose, so what could one expect? But what’s this, a Technicolor film with galloping horses, Randolph Scott, the beautiful Gene Tierney, and a Yankee Dana Andrews starring in Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen.

Settling in, as the remote slipped back to its usual hiding place under the couch cushion, the film took me back to 1860s Missouri with Southern partisans Gene Tierney and Randolph Scott struggling to free Missouri from its Union Army occupiers.

Although most modern films and today’s biased history depict the Southern Cause of the 19th Century in an unfriendly light, this film does not. Neither does the 1940 "Return of Frank James" movie starring Henry Fonda.

Evidently, the early 1940’s still held to other versions of events swirling about The War to Prevent Southern Independence, even in Hollywood.

That is probably so because word-of-mouth history still held much sway then, when a handful of (Civil) war veterans still survived.

So what happened to remove the mere bare semblance of truth from our words, our books, our movies, and all our history?

Simply put, it was and is, lies, liars, political correctness (another form of lies), the dying off of those dispensing firsthand or near-firsthand information, liberality (in the bad sense) taking root in all segments of our society, the war victors (mostly Eastern Yankees bent on a Hamiltonian form of an all-controlling central government) formulating and writing our history, thus producing the miseducation of our society in all levels of academia and information.

In other words Yankees, Carpetbaggers, and Scalawags (look up the latter two if you don’t know) changed our history with lies about Southerners, Northern motivations, their own Yankee greed and covetedness toward the South, her possessions, her Jeffersonian and Democratic Party worldview.

Of course the Democratic Party of those days is long-gone history. That political party died a slow and revolutionary death beginning with the defeat of the South and her Confederate States of America dream.

The Democratic Party of today is Hamiltonian, as opposed to its former Jeffersonian world-view.

Do most Democrat-voting people know and understand what happened to their conservative political party of times past? Definitely not but, sadly, neither do they want to know. Unfortunately, government checks and continuing political and historical lies are keeping most of them on the Washington, DC plantation.

Do Republicans know and understand that the 1860 Republican Party of Lincoln and in years following – to Reagan’s and our time, really – are diametrically opposed to one another?

Most do not.

Too many Republican office-holders and officials, like the plantation-worker Democrat, have buried their head in the sand and do not want to know.

Many have bought in on the neoconservative (Hamiltonian) message of high-roller Republican officials, which is diametrically opposed to the views of most founders, including Jefferson, John Calhoun, Patrick Henry, and evangelical Christians who came in droves to form the nucleus of the grassroots Republican Party in the 1980’s and since.

A couple of books I will recommend to begin learning the real truth: The War Between the States, America’s Uncivil War by Texan and former Ellis County-ian, John J. Dwyer, Bluebonnet Press…and all of Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s books, but especially his latest, Hamilton’s Curse. DiLorenzo can also be read daily at lewrockwell.com.


To be sure, upon that success, we must then hold Republican feet to the fire…and in the process educate them to the one true history of our country and its political parties.

May the great God Yahweh, through His Only Begotten, Yeshua, Christ Jesus bless America.

: So as to not be confused; In order to have any hope of preserving and restoring our Republic, Nov. 2 demands we unseat the modern Democrats and vote for the modern Republicans.

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