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Constitutional Thinking: What’s up at the FDA

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The United States has the best and most advanced health care system in the world.

Sure, there are problems, mostly due to government interference in what should be a privately run industry.

Behind the scenes, however there is a much darker picture that leads you to say, "What’s up at the FDA?"

Even the main-stream press, such as the Dallas Morning News, had an article on the recent hot topic of genetically modified salmon, but they left out a lot.

If the FDA gives approval to this modification, it will no doubt open the door to all types of GMO meats, starting with beef and pork.

The question then is, "Should we be concerned?"

The answer is yes. We are not doing the testing and safety studies needed before approval.

This is why many Americans see the FDA as a rogue agency that is only concerned with the profits of big agriculture and big pharmacy rather than the health of our citizens.

The salmon may have a higher level of cancer causing hormone IGF-1, more antibiotics, and more life- threatening allergens.

FDA failed on the somewhat similar bovine growth hormone milk banned in most countries.

How can anyone trust an FDA that is allowing vaccines that don’t work and are dangerous to be pushed on the American people?

Notice the current big push for vaccines this fall. Many stores are offering low-cost shots.

If you get the vaccine, you are probably at greater risk of getting the flu in the coming year.

Big FDA friend, Microsoft billionaire and eugenicist Bill Gates, who wants to greatly reduce the world’s population recently said, "...if we do a really good job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that (population) by 10-15 percent."

This statement shows that vaccines are part of a population reduction plan.

Genetically modified soybeans, corn, and cotton have been around for some time now, but relatively few Americans know about the problems that have arisen.

If corn producing its own pesticides kills the bees, what about people eating the corn?

Is it any wonder why cancer, weight problems, diabetes and other diseases are skyrocketing in the face the food the FDA is allowing to go on the shelves?

We have "Pink-Out Day" for the problem of breast cancer, but in spite of the billions spent on research, we are no closer to the cure.

With women lining up for their probably dangerous screenings, a lot of money is made, that mostly goes for screenings of women in low income areas instead of research.

Could it be that we are suffering "death by medicine" that is offsetting the lives saved in the emergency room?

Do you think it is possible the people running our food and medical industries are more concerned with profits than with our health?

There are strong indications that doctors are providing patients with misinformation for whatever reason.

Consider a man with prostate cancer.

He is told a particular drug will extend his life by four plus months for the tidy sum of only $93,000.

Do they know that Americans are so uninformed that they will give up every bit of their freedom and money, dying broke to try to save their life?

If you think I’m being too hard on the FDA, I encourage you to do you own research.

It’s much worse that what I’m telling you.

Remember, the FDA is the group that allowed baby formula with 42.6 percent corn syrup solids, 14.7 percent soy protein, 10.1 percent sucrose and a Consumers Report story in 1999 said it was GMO in addition.

Some formulas even have maltodextrin in them! Poison them young.

Your blueberry muffins or doughnuts may not have blueberries at all.

They may be hydrogenated oil, liquid sugar, food color and propylene glycol.

What’s that?

The FDA thinks we are stupid, giving us anti-freeze (pg) that make a cat walk sideways before it dies.

I’ll pass on the fake blueberries, GMO salmon, and tell my congress critters to clean out the FDA and stop the nonsense right now, or we’ll bury them at the polls.

What will you do?

I hope you’ll do your research.

By the way, the Senate did not vote on S510 last week, but they likely will after the recess ending Nov. 15.

Tell your Senators you want food choice not government control and to vote for the Tester-Hagan amendment protecting the small producers.

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