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Jon’s VU! What was that?

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If Hillary Clinton runs against Obama would you vote for her?

Next, if she were to win could she nominate her husband as vice-president?

My son says she can’t because if something happened to her he would be president for the third term.

I do not have the resources to find the answers, but I will ask some of my friends who voted for him.

Maybe my editor would answer these questions if you were interested…

The Obamanable snow man isn’t very popular among the old folks that I listen to, cutting food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare and wanting to cut social security!

Tell me little bird, what did the old folks do to incur the wrath of the Obamanator?

Some Democrat was carrying a sign in congress asking the old folks to "hurry up and die!!"

I don’t know about you, but even at 76 years old, I will fight for every year, month and day of my life.

I enjoy bringing a smile to my reader’s faces, but every now and then I hear something so sad it breaks my heart.

I take some painful treatments three days a week. I take these treatments because if I quit I will die in a short time.

A number of people taking these painful treatments keep hearing bad things from government and state agencies who make them seem like freeloaders instead of old folks who worked their whole lives to make this country great.

I started paying social security at 11-years-old. If you care I worked for a newspaper in Dallas as a mail clerk.

That is a long time to pay into my SS!

I just lost a friend who just quit taking his treatments. I hope I never get to that point.

I, like others at my clinic feel like the cuts for the elderly who worked so long will finally get all of us!!

Each of my friends has a thing that keeps them alive. A garden, sewing for children, helping with problems in the family.

Most of us have seen that and done that! We know how to solve problems because things that happen to the young folks happened to me.

Sometimes I just enjoy being a sounding board for great-grandchildren, who sadly, I will never meet.

Having a good talk with a grandson, who says "goodbye Grandpa and I love you!"

This column and questions like the ones at the front of this column keep some of us wanting to wake up another day and keep asking, how will you vote on a congressmen who smiles at you and says "yes, I voted on the new law and no, I didn’t read it, I have people who do that. Now be sure to vote for me!!"

Yes, gentle reader, l live on just to see how long uninformed voters will keep electing enemy politicians.

This is not everyone’s vu, but it keeps me alive. And it’s JON’S VU!!

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Dr. John W. 09/24/2010 11:51:11
Mr. Vu-I suggest you get your facts straight before writing such incendiary falsehoods.

Republican Senators Have Voted To Cut $1.31 Trillion From Medicare
Sen. John Cornyn calls Medicaid a "health care gulag"
Hands off Social Security: There are better ways to cut the national debt(From 2006)
Marietta McPherson 09/24/2010 18:57:13
Mr. Vu-I don't have a problem with voicing your opinion...but if you are writing for a paper,get your facts straight.I am 82,and no spring chicken...but I know who has worked against the old,sick and poor-the Republicans-who just want to help their rich friends,and could care less about the others.They call themselves Christians,too.
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May 09/24/2010 12:05:19
I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. One Clinton was one too many. She is just your typical liberal and we do not need another one. I have no idea whom I will vote for but I doubt if it will be another democrat.
N. W. 09/24/2010 12:28:51
This has to be the most ridiculous column I have ever seen. The person who had the sign in congress saying "hurry up and die" was Alan Grayson (sp?) who said that was the Republicon version of health care.

Hillary Clinton could not put her husband on the ballot for vice-president. He has already served two terms as president and the US Constitution as amended specifically prohibits his serving again.
JB 09/24/2010 12:37:49
This has got to be sarcasm right? Nobody is really that stupid to believe everything that you are complaining about was from the dems. If you were literate enough to read you could easily find that ALL of these cuts (medicare, medicaid, and social security) are on the repugs wish list NOT the dems. Do your homework and don't rely on someone who makes money from corporate America to tell you what you should believe. Google really is your friend and so easy to use, come on give it a try, it's painless.
BrendaStarr 09/24/2010 12:50:05
Oh my, it is most definitely time to turn off the Fox station and go anywhere else for solid and true information. At first glance I thought this column was some sort of satire. How sad, how uninformed, how republican...
molly millions 09/24/2010 16:02:55
Yeah we could hang out with the kids at DU..LOL
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Yvonne 09/24/2010 13:10:28
This is a joke right? Every single thing in this letter is backward. By the way - you have the resources to find the answers if you can write this on your computer...you've heard of Google and Bing right?
Danny jackson 09/24/2010 19:00:42
I am a cancer patient who wouldn't have survived had it not been for Medicare.Now I hear Rand Paul wants to do away with Medicare and Medicaid?
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writer employment 12/14/2010 11:17:13
I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. One Clinton was one too many. She is just your typical liberal and we do not need another one. I have no idea whom I will vote for but I doubt if it will be another democrat.
franklin et marshall 08/16/2011 00:59:35
Jon’s VU! What was that?
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