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Constitutional Thinking: Protecting your vote and money

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Over the years, we have all heard the promises of what our candidate will do once he or she is in office.

All too frequently, once they are in office, they forget what they promised "we-the-people" in order to get elected.

If we are to be a Sovereign People, we must not allow them to get away with this so easily.

We need to set the "Rules of Engagement" for a candidate’s employment in our service since they work for us even though most of them do not recognize that fact.

Why not require them to sign-off on what they will do before giving them our support, instead of just taking their word for it?

Should we be supporting candidates that only give us vague promises and tell us what we want to hear?

Andrew C. Wallace, in his article "Elections Will Change Nothing Unless You Act Now," lists a 24 point pledge that provides a great example of what the pledge might be.

Here are some of the 24 points that are suggested for Congressional candidates:

1. Candidate must promise not to commit treason by voting for unconstitutional laws, and anti-constitution judges.

2. Candidate must agree to prosecute officials they replace for Treason and related crimes as required.

3. Candidate must agree to fire all Federal Judges and to reinstate only those few who have complied with the constitution, don’t make law from the bench and don’t deny people their constitutional rights in court.

4. Candidate must agree to honor and comply with their oath of office.

5. Candidate must agree to eliminate the Income Tax, Tax Free Foundations, IRS, and all Federal Taxes, replacing taxes with income from Protective Tariffs only, as was effectively done until 1913.

6. Candidate must agree to end citizenship of illegals by honoring intent of the 14th Amendment.

7. Candidates must agree to terminate NAFTS, CAFTA, GATT, and all Free Trade agreements allowing manufactures to exploit foreign workers in other countries while firing Americans.

8. Candidate must agree to end relationship with the United Nations and terminate all associated treaties and agreements, most Importantly Agenda 21.

9. Candidate must agree to terminate the privately owned and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank.

10. Candidates must agree to promote a parallel monetary system in our states as authorized by our Constitution before the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Note fails.

"I, ____________ a candidate for the office of ___________ do hereby agree to comply with the preceding 24 points in return for the electoral support of _____________ and other voters."

This pledge is then signed, notarized and witnessed.

The ideas found in this list could easily be adapted into lists fitting State and local candidates for office.

If Tea Party and other political groups required something in writing, it would give them more clout and go a long way toward protecting our vote.

Your money also needs protecting these days.

The Republicans leadership under John Boehner, who voted for the $700 billion big bank bailout, is recommending tax cuts, spending freezes and reductions and private Social Security accounts.

The author of Wizards of Wall Street, Zabi Diamond, claims the Republican proposals to fix the economy are lacking in that they fail to protect investing capital in the stock market from the hedge fund short sellers.

While personal investment accounts for future retirees’ sounds like a good idea, if the House makes the rules, you probably won’t do too well at the table.

There is too much market manipulation at this time.

Diamond asks, "How would you hike you home and bank account to be subjected to price discovery and have your whole net worth sold for one cent because no one stepped up immediately at that very moment to put a bid on your net worth as they manipulated the price downward through unrestricted short selling."

Before we can trust having our retirement money in the stock market, we need to clean up the House – Washington, D.C., Wall Street and at least end the private Federal Reserve, before we can be sure the rules are fair for all the players at the table.

Right now, it is a rigged game enriching the bankers.

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Steve "citizen Cane" Hedtke 09/27/2010 16:55:00
The results that you are asking for, while laudable, would require an armed insurrection at the very least. We didn't get into these problems overnight and they won't go away overnight. Taking away capitol punishment WRT elected and unelected officials, took away teeth from the limits placed on them by our founding documents.
Lets party, is the order of the day, every day in government at every level [federal, state and local] 'cause no-one seems to pay any kind of price for incompetence or "LEGAL THIEVERY".

What's the worst thing that can happen to these folks these days...
you loose an election and retire with full benes and go to work lobbying for the company that you used to regulate???
Making even more money bribing the ruling class that you used to be a part of???
That's more like an incentive to cheat and scam the system than it is to live by it's rules.
Were you aware that congressmen and women have to actually vote in order to NOT get an annual raise???
That's just one example of a system that is designed to protect the ruling class...don't you think that at one time this current crop of "ruling class" folks were just as idealistic as you and me?
So what you ask is more than just daunting, it's impossible w/o armed insurrection.
Change is going to be painfully slow and require the same sort of folk with the moral fiber of our founding fathers who are politically astute enough to enact such reforms.
Otherwise we could just be trading one kind of tyranny for another!!!
Maybe the tea party is "just" such an organization to enact this required change???
But then again, that's "just" my opinion.
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