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Simply Speaking: Democracy? Dead wrong

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Representative government, a most fundamental legacy and precious gift from our founders, set within the solid foundation of a constitutional republic. Benjamin Franklin, upon exiting Independence Hall, where our constitution was hammered out, wisely told a lady inquirer that the delegates had wrought a republic…if the people could keep it.

Perhaps the people of 1776 knew what Franklin was saying and, perhaps, evidently, enough of them knew how to keep the republic in their time. A huge part of making representative government work, however, is having representatives who understand what it is and, further, willing…no, eager to perform the part. Well, what about the people and representatives of 2010? I’ll take the Fifth Amendment on that one.

Most Americans would probably say we’re a democracy, if queried on what we are. They’d be dead wrong. Sharp 5th graders know better. So how can we keep our republic if we fail to even know we are one? The answer is we won’t keep it.

And representatives, what about them? Obviously, in recent times, they’d be of the opinion that elected positions are career opportunities. They’d be dead wrong, knowing what we’re supposed to be. However, most of them probably also think we’re a democracy.

Frankly, I don’t give a hoot and a holler whether Congressman Barton’s or Representative Pitts’ seniority places them in some "favorable" committee position or not. I’d rather have new and principled firebrands, regularly elected to the positions, who know the true role of representative, who vote right 100 percent of the time, and do so because they believe in the issues, as opposed to trying to look conservative back in the district (for re-election purposes).

Representatives were originally meant to be citizens who were up on the issues, who were willing to run for office, win, and fight for righteous causes, in accordance with their constituent’s wishes and the constitution. They were serious about abiding by the state or national constitution (even believing in them), planning on no more than a term or two in which to do their representing, then stepping down, allowing other citizens to then step up and do the job of citizen-legislator-representative.

In better days, politician was a dirty word and being a citizen-patriot-statesman was to be strived for, yes, even lived.

Frankly, these days have brought us hybrid forms of elected and unelected officials. Most are trying to make a career of whatever their elected position might be, whose salaries, perks and benefits exceed their worth and which is far out of line with the public income, whom they’re supposed to serve. Most never give this a thought.

In response, these last years have brought together, out of a sense of foreboding I believe, citizen-patriots, the Tea Party people, for example. Many other Americans have a sense of our current dangers at the city, county, state, and national level, and have voluntarily come forward. Hopefully, a great multitude more will come forward this November to help vote the current tyrants in Washington (and elsewhere) out of office.

So am I picking on Pitts and Barton, commissioners court, etc.? Well, yes and no. It has always, since 1776 and before, been the responsibility of We the People to keep our republic…if we can. If that encompasses holding feet to the fire from time to time, so be it. Our guys are generally head and shoulders in front of what much of the country has to put up with (Pelosi, Reid, etc.), but these times, of necessity, require much more than the former business as usual.

Perhaps the biggest problem with representative government these days has to do with the who is pulling the strings. Where the founders designed a system where the people were to ultimately be in charge (a government of, by, and for the people), we have come to a point where special interests, elites, the Establishment, you name it, are the ones most-influencing our representatives…and the people are simply given empty lip service.

Obama sold many Americans a bill of goods with his "change" rhetoric. Yes, drastic, fundamental change is currently needed as never before, but in the other direction, back toward what Franklin said we were given…if we could keep it.

May Yahweh God the Father bless through Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

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Steve "the oracle" Hedtke 09/29/2010 22:36:06
While I agree with your appraisal of the democracy vs. representative republic, I disagree with your assessment of obama. While I believe that there were several perverted reasons that he was elected, I also believe that as the ol' political saying goes...
"you get the government you vote for!!!"
When I was a boy during the late 60's, early 70's, I was watching the evening news with my dad. We were watching a college campus protest and my dad commented on the hippi's that were making a spectacle out themselves and my dad commented...
"the sad thing is that one day those !@#$%^&* will be running this country, and then we're really in trouble!"
My dad was a sage and boy was he right.
These "hippi's" have held sway of not only the government for years now but most levels of primary and higher education.
And now we are reaping the consequences of these glitteratti of society that had it so good that they had to INVENT their illnesses and used all sorts of drugs to calm their fears or expand their horizons.
Some grew up, but I fear that most of them got into government or our educational system, where they have perverted and infected the minds of subsequent generations.
Government didn't drive God out of the public sector, WE DID!!!

He just capitalized on the ignorance, corruption of the soul and fears of the current voting stock of many o' U.S. of A. voter.
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