RED OAK ARRESTS: April 29 – May 6


Frank, Pamela, 45, poss CS pg 2 < 1g.

Contreras, Erica, 34, poss CS pg 1 <1g probation violation.

Nalley, Brian, 45, assault causes bodily injury family member.

Camposano, Victor, 27, commercial license suspended/cancelled.

Robinson, Ronald, 53, failure to appear, no motor vehicle liability insurance, DWLI.

Gwinn, Michael, 47, parole violation DWI 3rd or more.

Avila, Mario, 49, DWLI w/prev conv/susp/w/o fin res.

Flowers, Michael, 63, theft of property >$500 – $250.

Johnson, Dicky, 47, violation bond/protective order.

Bell, Gregory, 36, DWLI, no motor vehicle liability insurance, failure to appear.

Casillas, Angel, 17, poss CS pg 2 >=4g<400g.

Hollingsworth , Kendrick, 22, poss marij <2oz.

Chambers, Reginald, 33, display expired registration, expired operators license, no motor vehicle liability insurance.

Warren, Lonnie, 26, DWLI, speeding – school zone, failure to appear.