Gutierrez, Johnny, 28, prob viol-poss marij >4 oz<=5 lbs.

Whitehead, Kristopher, 25, poss marij <2oz. 

Keys, Quaneitha, 32, criminal trespass habit/shltr, no DL.

Garcia, Cesar, 37, evading arrest detention.

Staggs, Jennifer, 37, assault causes bodily injury. 

Tapia, Ruben, 23, injury child/elderly/disable f3, poss marij <2oz.

Duncan, Matthew, 25, unauth use of vehicle. 

Watson, Christian, 23, poss marij <2oz. 

Briones, Maria, 33, abandon endanger child w/intent, ICE detainer.

Robbins, Justin, 20, prob viol-poss marij <=2oz.

Frazier, Emily, 30, theft prop <$2,500 2/more, display fict plate, unrestrained child under eight.

Kennedy, Felix, 31, poss CS pg 3 >=200g <400g, speeding, no DL, disregard traffic control device, failure to fasten seat belts, proh substance/item in correctional facility f3, poss marij <2oz.

McKeever, Tony, 46, prob viol-DWI 3rd or more f3.

Rodriguez, Daniel, 17, poss CS pg1.

Carrington, Deja, 20, insf bond/theft of prop $100.

Ortega, Edwin, 33, criminal mischief >=$1500.

Holbert, Kimberly, 42, DWI.

Stelck, Larry, 66, false name info/forgery vehicle f3.

Holloway, Corey, 23, agg assault w/deadly weapon f2, theft from person, fail to ID fugitive intent.

Amaya, Jaime, 18, poss marij <2oz.

Ramos, Victoria, 25, warrant/burglary.

Johnson, Octovia, 24, warrant-theft.

Olson, Larry, 49, DWLI w/prev conv, bicycle improper lighting.

Walker, Duane, 29, DWLI.            

Wilson, Craig, 26, poss marijuana <2 oz, poss dangerous drug.

Hernandez, Hernan, 21, poss marij <2oz.

Smith, Chasity, 27, fraud use/poss identifying information.

Nelson, Deonta, 29, prob viol-poss CS pg1 <1g f3, man/del/pic/CS f3. 

Morel, Andrea, 35, poss marij <2oz, poss CS drug treatment program f3. 

Jackson, Christopher, 26, expired motor vehicle registration, DWLI, no DL, speeding.

Flaherty, Brandon, 31, public intoxication. 

Davis, Lemuel, 37, DWI. 

Medina, Emmanuel, 30, public intoxication.

Mata, Carlos, 31, public intoxication. 

Fails, Joshua, 33, public intoxication.

Ramsey, David, 54, assault causing bodily injury family member. 

Hamilton, Antwan, 44, DWI, driving without DL. 

Houston, Zanard, 34, afv choking commitment order, burglary hab f3.

Sanderson, Linsey, 39, man del CS pg1 >=4g<200g f1.

Oneal, Desimone, 18, theft prop $100-750. 

Salazar, Ashley, 30, poss CS. 

Rittmaster, Roland, 53, commitment order-false drug test, commitment order-poss marij.

Nelson, Byron, 19, DWI 2nd.

Sargent, Daunte, 20, burglary of building, poss drug paraphernalia, poss drug paraphernalia city ordinance park curfew. 

Ibarra, Tyler, 18, indecency w/child expose f3. 

Montgomery, Brian, 30, resist arrest search or transport, DWI/open, display fictitious license plate.

Khalili, Johan, 33, poss CS pg 2 >= 1g<4g f3.

Lynch, Andrew, 23, poss CS pg 2 >= 1g<4g f3.

Jeffrey, Lacey, 20, poss CS pg 2 >= 1g<4g f3. 

Willis, Brandon, 34, warrant/theft $15, unauth use of vehicle, theft prop >=$20k<$100k f3, failure to appear, no DL. 

McCawley, Colton, 20, deadly conduct. 

Brown, Rueben, 59, warrant-inter w/p official.

Salinas, Amy, 36, theft prop >=$100<$750. 

Haley, Jason, 47, poss marij <2oz.

Wright, Donald, 33, public intoxication.

Randle, Jarry, 59, agg assault w/deadly weapon f2. 

Cryer, Scott, 39, evading arrest detention, no DL, drug paraphernalia. 

Ybarra, Teresa, 39, theft by check, bail jumping, no OL, operate mv w/expired registration, fail to comply with tx mv safe, state registration law.

Le, Johnny, 25, poss marij <2oz, bond forfeiture -possession, display expired license plates, failure to maintain financial responsibility, possession of drug paraphernalia, display expired license plates. 

Berhe, Michael, 23, assault w/bodily injury-family, no seat belt over 15. 

Minx, Mary, 56, public intoxication.

Easley, Ryan, 22, poss marij <2oz, poss dangerous drug, poss CS pg 2 <1g. 

Atkins, Raymond, 32, pv-agg asslt w/deadly weapon.

Ellis, Jamal, 27, no DL, spd between specified streets.

Thompson, Jennifer, 39, silent abusive call.

Castro, Fabriciano, 39, DWI, no DL. 

Branum, Donald, 31, assault causes bodily injury.

Freimuth, Allesand, 19, assault causes bodily injury, public intoxication-minor. 

Caskey, Stephanie, 46, proh substance/item in correctional facility f3, DWLI w/prev conv.

Williams, Damien, 38, DWI 3rd, poss CS pg 1 f3.

Shaw, Debbie, 49, poss cs pg 1 <1g.

Woodson, Joevonte, 21, criminal mischief >=$100<$75.

Walters, Eric, 50, public intoxication. 

Fraizer, Courtney, 19, agg assault date/family/house f1. 

Apodaca, Anthony, 42, assault by contact family violence, public intoxication. 

Snodgrass, Jeremy, 26, poss CS pg 3 <28g, poss marij >=2 oz, fail to ID fugitive inten, poss marij <2oz, violation-duty on striking unattended, no DL, expired vehicle registration.

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