Magana, Andrea, 27, false report to police officer.

Cherry, Atrell, 23, commitment order/poss of mari. 

Alexander, Glynis, 52, fail to ID fugitive from justice.

English, Brianna, 27, agg assault w/deadly weapon, fail to fasten seat belts. 

Garcia, Jesse, 27, parole violation -poss CS pg3<28g.

Wooten, Thomas, 39, bench warrant-harrassment felony 3.

Renfroe, Charles, 42, contempt child support order.

Hooten, Aric, 18, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g felony 3.

Alvarado, Johnny, 42, bench warrant-assault.

Ozuna, Amanda, 32, theft prop >=$750<$2,500.

Morgan, Deanna, 48, engaging in organized criminal activity, poss dangerous drug.

Hartley, Phillip, 29, sexual assault child felony 2. 

McNatt, Ashley, 34, engaging in organized criminal activity. 

Hicks, Kevin, 45, engaging in organized criminal activity.

Young, Sarah, 43, engaging in organized criminal activity, exp DL, theft under $50.

McNatt, Andrew, 33, engaging in organized criminal activity, theft prop >=$100<$750, burglary of building.

Gonzales, Gabriel, 39, delinquent child support.

Wyatt, Brandie, 44, fraud delivery CS/prescription felony 3 (x3). 

Mason, Shajuna, 44, theft prop >=$2500<$30k felony 3.

Mitchell, Dakota, 23, evading arrest det w/veh, no insurance, fail to display license plate felony 3. 

Lilley, James, 35, unauth use of vehicle, poss CS pg 4 >=200g<400g felony 2.

Davis, Timothy, 43, assault causes bodily injury, DWLI, ran red light at marked stop, speeding/school zone 30 mph in 20, failure to maintain financial responsibility, speeding between specified streets. 

Cousar, William, 45, resist arrest search or transport felony 3, DWI/open container.

Escobar, Arnoldo, 75, theft prop <$2,500 (x2).

Byrd, Joshua, 38, agg assault w/deadly weapon felony 2.

George, Sabrina, 33, poss CS pg 1 <1g, theft under $100.00. 

Dalquest, Robert, 51, sexual performance of a child felony 3. 

Rose, Robert, 34, indecent exposure, offensive gesture/display (x2).

Ramirez, Eder, 29, warrant/poss CS pg1, ICE detainer/removable alien/ felony 2. 

Berry, Kemon, 18, warrant/unl carry, burglary of habitation felony 2. 

Pringle, Amanda, 32, poss cs pg 1 >=4g<200g felony 2, poss dangerous drug, poss CS pg 3 <28g, poss marij <2oz.

Thomas, Clayton, 32, poss cs pg1 >1g, man del CS pg1 1g<4g. 

Ramirez, Eder, 29, warrant/pcs pg1, ICE detainer felony 2.

Rodriguez, Jaqueline, 45, probation violation-theft.

Hall, Charles, 36, commitment order/poss marij <2oz.

Ramirez, Israel, 27, fail to ID fugitive intent, DWLS.

Finley, Kelli, 27, agg assault w/deadly weapon, assault by contact felony 2.

Guerra, Jorge, 30, probation violation-evading arrest det felony 3, display expired license plates, no operators license, no DL, display fictitous license plates, speeding.

Guinn, Bryan, 53, poss drug paraphernalia, expired registration, DWLI, prob viol poss CS pg1 1g<4g.

Johnson, Xyneisha, 2, warrant-poss marij <2oz.

Ruan, Jose, 20, warrant-DWI, theft prop $1500<$20k.

Routh, Eric, 38, assault causes bodily injury female.

Harris, Eric, 36, aggravated sexual assault child felony 1. 

Mcintyre, Brionna, 19, fraud use/poss identifying info. 

Lopez, Douglas, 21, commitment order/reckless driving. 

Hooks, Lisa, 36, prob viol/criminal non support.

Dewitt, Jeremy, 44, probation violation/poss CS pg1.

Mason, Kevin, 40, probation violation-fraud.

Colvin, John, 36, bench warrant-theft of prop (x3).

Brown, Jeremy, 29, sexual assault child felony 2.

Wickings, Charise, 34, evading arrest detention w/veh, credit card or debit card abuse (x4).

Allal, Waliallan, 38, commitment order/poss marij, contempt of court non/payment.

Moore, Darrin, 26, poss marij <2oz, DWLI, poss of narcotic paraphernalia.

Deal, Michael, 26, assault causes bodily injury, terroristic threat cause fear. 

Chagnon, Johnathan, 19, commitment order/criminal trespass, poss narcotic paraphernalia.

Luckau, Phoenix, 23, theft <$100. 

Michalk, Jared, 28, unl carrying weapon, DWI 3rd felony 3.

Rutherford, Ryann, 29, public intoxication.

Dabral, Kushagra, 19, possession of controlled substance. 

Mota, Cecilio, 20, poss cs pg 2 >= 4g<400g felony 2, poss marij <=2 oz drug free zone.

Garcia, Michael, 25, poss marij <=2 oz drug free zone, poss CS pg 2 >= 4g<400g felony 2.

Lane, Joseph, 38, poss CS pg 3 <28g, prohibited weapon knuckles. 

Bradley, Heather, 28, warrant-poss CS pg1 felony 3.

Wren, Nicole, 34, poss cs pg 1 >=400g, parole violation felony 3. 

Granger, Adam, 30, accident involving damage to vehicle.

Criss, Leonard, 18, sexual assault child felony 2.

Thompson, Kaila, 28, poss cs pg 1 >=4g<200g, DWLI felony 2. 

Mizer, Billy, 46, poss marij >4oz<=5lbs. 

Trevino, Jaclyn, 34, parole violation-burlary of building felony 2. 

Starkey, Zachary, 23, bench warrant/unauthorized use of vehicle.

Rodriguez, Juan, 25, poss CS pg 1 >=4g<200g felony 2.

Alyasiri, Jennifer, 34, false drug test falsification. 

Miller, Penny, 38, criminal trespass, fail to signal.

Rivera, Christopher, 32, possession marijuana >2oz. 

Clayton, James, 75, deadly conduct discharge firearm felony 3. 

McCall, Calvin, 21, poss marij <2oz.

Rueda, Favian, 29, poss marij <2oz.

Franklin, Jacob, 20, poss marij <2oz.

Sheppard, Michael, 53, assault causes bodily injury. 

Williams, Marquise, 20, poss marij <2oz, unl poss firearm by felon felony 3, poss CS pg 3 <28g, poss CS pg 2 >= 4g<400g  felony 2, fail to ID fugitive intent, unl carrying weapon.

Goos, Jordan, 34, sex abuse of child continuous felony 1. 

Metcalfe, Joseph, 35, driving w/lic inv w/prev conv, poss marij <2oz, poss dangerous drug.

Brown, David, 19, poss marij <2oz.

Eggleston, Breanna, 22, defective headlamp(s).

Watson, Shaun, 27, fail to ID fugitive intent, speeding 10% or above.

Webster, Charles, 31, agg assault date/family/house felony 1.

Nupeiset, Robley, 31, poss CS pg 1 <1g. 

McCaslin, Melissa, 41, DWLI.

Besozzi, Joseph, 33, DWI/open.

Jones, Bryon, 24, false drug test falsification.

Arita, Jose, 18, agg assault w/deadly weapon felony 2, ice detainer felony 3.

Corry, Chase, 18, poss marij <2oz. 

Moyer, Chesney, 20, poss marij <2oz.

Vicks, Dyvon, 41, DWI. 

Chandler, Kirby, 18, poss marij <2oz. 

Villasenor, Eliseo, 31, DWI/open, fail to identify giving false, ICE detainer felony 3.

Minor, Phillip, 57, poss CS pg 1 >=1g<4g  felony 3.