OVILLA: Business owner says parking lot crucial for business


By Rita Cook / The Ellis County Press

OVILLA – As the quaint little town of Ovilla grows and creates more of a vibe in the small downtown area, one business owner attended the city council meeting Monday night requesting some help with parking. 

It’s a good problem to have, but without parking people can’t stop in to shop and enjoy.

In discussion was the future use of city property at 701 Main Street.

While the current snow cone shop is booming, the owner of that business said parking is becoming a problem on some days because there are more customers than parking spaces.

Pamila Kovall spoke during the citizens forum in June, and she returned this week to further discuss what can be done to alleviate the parking issue. 

With an idea to add a coffee shop by November and another possible future business, the business owner told council, “I have a hard time moving forward unless we can do something about parking.” 

Ovilla Mayor Richard Dormier said he was under the impression the Main Street property owned by the city was going to be used as a parking lot in the future.

No action was taken between the city of Ovilla and Eikon Consulting Group, LLC in regard to that company serving as the city engineer. 

It was determined the company should offer an hourly rate for services versus a flat rate.

The city council voted unanimously to amend an ordinance allowing for a change of the number of Park Board members. 

Council also took action on board member appointments or reappointments on the Board of Adjustments and the Economic Development Corporation.

The city is looking for a new solid waste service. The current vendor has indicated costs will be going up substantially. 

With this new service to be chosen for 2019, staff indicated to companies bidding a cul-de-sac alternative to waste pickup was necessary in order to preserve the roads in these neighborhoods.

The contract with Waste Connections expires Dec. 1

The city council voted yes with modifications to establish Economic Development incentives as well as considering an Economic Development Corporation Matching Funds Reimbursement Grant Program.

The city’s strategic guide directs the establishment of an incentive program for the city of Ovilla as related to the growth of economic development in the city.