Jury clears constable of all civil charges


Mike Jones reinstated as constable. Pct. 4

DALLAS – Mike Jones returned to the Ellis County Precinct 4 officers after Dallas Judge Jim Jordan of the 160th District Court overturned a Jan. 3 motion temporarily removing him from office.

An Ellis County jury found four civil charges against Jones to be “not true” on April 18. Following the verdict, the Dallas judge cleared Jones to return to his post as Ellis County Constable Precinct 4.

Mark Howard, appointed interim constable while Jones was temporarily suspended, was immediately released from all responsibilities, according to the order of reinstatement filed by Jordan.

Jones faced civil charges for allegedly tampering with evidence, misuse of official information, retaliation and deadly conduct.

These charges are related to alleged actions by Jones during his re-election campaign.

Jones stated the past two years had taken a toll on him financially, physically, and mentally.

“As police officers, we handle everybody as they are innocent until they are proven guilty. We can accuse somebody but still have to consider them innocent until they plea or a jury of their peers say otherwise.

“Unfortunately, it does not go that way for us or at least for me,” Jones said.

“I was suspended without pay and benefits in January without even being convicted of anything.

“I still haven’t been paid. “Now they say they might have to go to the commissioner’s court to get that approved.”

Jones added the case has damaged his credit, and his home faces foreclosure. He has also suffered the loss of his father and had a heart attack in November.

Meanwhile, Jones stated he plans to fight the pending criminal charges.

Ellis County and District Attorney Patrick Wilson previously stated – while his office was dissatisfied with the verdict – the DA’s office will continue forward with the criminal trial.