Incident Report released after 60-days stonewalling


Mayor, staff indiscretions detailed

By Rita Cook / The Ellis County Press

(Warning – Graphic Details)

FERRIS – After stonewalling for more than 60 days on an open records request, the City of Ferris released the incident report involving apparent sexual misconduct between a Ferris city employee and the city’s mayor.

Reported in March of this year, the incident involved Ferris City Secretary Callie Green and former mayor Micheal Driggars.

In violation of a Texas Penal Code for public lewdness, the incident happened around 10:43 p.m. on Dec. 1, 2017 and was discovered by Patrol Officer Emily Hickman.

According to a police incident report, the location was Ferris City Hall, 100 Town Plaza and the report stated, “A Ferris Patrol Officer observed two persons sitting in an automobile in the public place known as Town Plaza and had reason to believe and does believe that an act of sexual contact/oral sex was taking place.”

“Hickman was on-duty and patrolling as a single-officer mobile-patrol, when she observed a parked motor vehicle in Town Plaza, with the headlights on. Inside the parked vehicle, Hickman saw two people; both adults and the officer recognized the two as Green and Driggars.

The report stated, “Patrol Officer Emily Hickman saw Callie Green’s head over the lap of Micheal Driggars. Emily Hickman saw Callie Green rise up and move away from Micheal’s lap, and wipe moisture from around Callie’s mouth; Hickman saw Micheal Driggars closing his trousers at that point in time.

“Emily Hickman did not see genitalia. Emily Hickman believes oral-sex was taking place there and then. Emily Hickman made contact and spoke with Callie Green and Micheal Driggars. Emily Hickman saw the two earlier in a restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages; that being the Metro Grill, located near the City Hall. Emily Hickman asked if anyone had too much to drink, Callie Green said “no” and Emily Hickman left. Emily Hickman informed her supervisor, Sergeant Jason Nottingham of the Ferris Police Department. Jason Nottingham informed the Chief of Police, Eddie Salazar of the Ferris Police Department. Eddie Salazar informed the City Manager of the City of Ferris, one Bill Jordan.

“In the month of December 2017, Investigator Weiss was aware from the Chief of Police that Callie Green and Micheal Driggars had been found together after work-hours in town plaza but did not know all of the details.”

A separate report stated in the month of March of this year Ferris Investigator Weiss was involved in the process of presenting complaints to the City of Ferris, which were associated with allegations of inappropriate behaviors up to and including sexual harassment, occurring in the City Hall, perpetrated by the city manager and others.

The report states, “The Mayor of the City Micheal Driggars – requested a meeting/discussion with Investigator Weiss, at the City Hall. Investigator Weiss was told by the Mayor that Police Officer Emily Hickman was a “liar.”

“Investigator Weiss went to Emily Hickman that very day and debriefed Emily Hickman who provided details of the incident. Investigator Weiss asked Emily Hickman about taking a polygraph, and told Emily Hickman that Weiss was not compelling Emily to take a polygraph at this time.”

Hickman agreed to take a polygraph, voluntarily. She underwent a polygraph examination at Dallas Polygraph Services in northeast Dallas by polygrapher Avery “Skip” Ensley. Hickman passed with a positive 13 points; only a positive seven points are required to pass. The polygrapher indicated Hickman was being very truthful.

The Polygraph Report is the property of Hickman as it was performed on a voluntary basis and billed to her as well.

Investigator Weiss was given permission by Hickman to provide a copy of the polygraph report to the Ellis County and District Attorney’s Office.

Investigator Weiss also stated in the report he believes Hickman is credible. “Hickman is a licensed-peace officer, employed on a full-time, fully-paid basis,” the report indicated. “Hickman has described and believes that an act of oral sex (mouth to genitalia) took place in a public place… on the night of December 1, 2017 and that the offense occurred within Hickman’s view.

“Hickman did not have any video recorder running when she made contact with the occupants of the vehicle; that being Callie Green and Micheal Driggars. Hickman had made a registration check on the vehicle and learned it was a vehicle belonging to Green and did not expect to see a violation of this nature when she approached the vehicle, as she expected to see City Secretary Green in the vehicle under very different circumstances.”