Ellis County residents paid 5th lowest proportion of income towards homeownership costs in Texas


NEW YORK, NY – Recent data shows homeowners living in Ellis County allocated 25.1 percent of their income towards housing costs in 2016.

This ranks Ellis County as having the fifth smallest proportion of income spent on housing costs in Texas.

Gavop used data collected by the United States Census Bureau

to produce a study on homeowners costs as a percentage of income.

The study analyzed real estate trends at the county level across the United States and found Ellis County had a median income of $70,210 and a median housing cost of $17,604 per year for those with a mortgage.

The 25.1 percent of income spent on housing costs is the proportion of income allocated to homeowner expenses including the sum of mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance, and utilities.

    The percentage of income paid towards homeownership costs is a way to measure the level of debt one has to real estate expenses. Most banks use a measurement called “debt income ratios” when approving loans.

In other words, it is a ratio of monthly debt payments divided by one’s gross monthly income.

This analysis uses median income, home value, and median homeowner cost with a mortgage to replicate a similar debt ratio on the county level. 

“In this study, we looked at annual housing costs as a percentage to gauge how much debt people owe to their living situation based on location,” said Gavop analyst Kevin Pryor.

“Here, the numbers show that Ellis County residents paid 1/4th

of their income towards housing costs, resulting in a small debt to homeownership for Texas.” 

Areas like Waxahachie that have low percentages of income spent on housing costs are at a less of a risk to economic pressures. When housing costs are low, people are better equipped to withstand factors like a rise or fall in unemployment or fluctuations in the housing market. Additionally, homeowners in these areas are less likely to go into foreclosures and less likely to experience financial issues when compared to homeowners who spend a large sum of money on their homes each year.

 The following data table used figures from Gavop’s analysis to show how Ellis

County performed in comparison to state and national levels.

The county has a low median housing cost compared to Texas’s value of 31.2 percent and the national value of 30.9 percent.

In contrast, areas that have high housing costs are also the most likely to be impacted by macroeconomic strains on the economy such as recessions or unemployment. This is because residents that pay a higher percentage of income on living expenses, like mortgages, have less money left over for other expenses as well as less money to put back into the economy. 

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